I'm on the edge. The slightest movement can push me over.

Its officially been 15 days since my last wet orgasm. Whoo Hoo! But is been hard getting here. VERY HARD! How hard you may ask. Well let me tell you.

Since I have mastered the skill of edging I have not been able to steer away from putting my dick and balls through pleasurable pain of getting close to a beautiful wet orgasm and then knocked it back down to my already filled to capacity genitals. I mean I get some kind of sick pleasure out of seeing me at my peakiest point of erectness and then just slowing watching it deflate back down to its semi erect state. I love the feeling. I do. I have the record edging time of two and a half hours. I won't give my self the pleasure of cumming and I love. Now while I am edging i do have dry a-less orgasm. My prostate never wants to miss out on the fun neither so my ass hole will just pucker and kegel all on its own.

I sometimes stick a aneros toy up there or i just do it solo with just me, my dick and my hand. But these last few sessions i have been going far and beyond with depriving my hard swollen dick from cumming by putting my fleshlight to good use. I have the mouth model. I haven't used it in a while. So a few weeks ago a window of edge time presented its self and I took advantage of it. Mind you I haven't been needing porn to get off. The fact that i haven't cum in weeks does the job just fine. I lube up the pretty mouth toy thinking its a hot co worker or old boyfriend and put it to work. The first stroke down is always the best. Those grooves and ridges just sliding down my hard vein pulsing penis gives me chills every time. Stroke after stroke after stroke, moaning in pure heat. dry orgasming and MMO'ing countless times its mind blowing. I eventually have to stop when me and the bed is soaked in sweat and raw coco nut oil.

I haven't done thi challenge in over a year and it amazes me that I am able to not go over the edge but I so want to. I get hard instantly. I have to change my underwear twice a day from the huge wet spots of pre cum ozzing out through out the day. The struggle to not cum gets harder and harder each day but I love it. I only got 6 days left. Lets see what this next week will do to me.

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