My 21 (actually 23) Day Challenge

My 21 Day Challenge

I was encouraged by one of my Aneros friends to take up the 21 Day Challenge. It is a challenge to refrain from ejaculation for 21 Days. There are benefits, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

During the time I was on the challenge (which ended up to be 23 days), I learned and experienced a great deal of things.

– I do have the discipline to pleasure myself and keep from cumming.
– There are many ways to enjoy my penis; it was fun finding new ways.
– I have a big capacity to be orgasmic.
– Arousal and the ensuing pleasure needs to be savored.
– I found out that I can have penile orgasms without cumming. And it’s amazing.
– Ejaculation is a terrific thing.
– Edging is more about enjoying the pleasure than refraining from going too far.

I waited to “graduate” until the right time worked out.

I was comfortable, warm, alone, and ready. I edged for about 20 minutes, first. The whole time looking forward to what was to come. There was a sense of relief knowing that I no longer had to control things, but just let it flow. I was A-lessing the whole time too. My whole body was involved in the orgasms, prostate and penile.

When the point came, my back arched, I was in the throws of a Super O, and I had a wonderful Super T and then ejaculation. I'd say I easily came about three times as much, maybe four. I caught it in my hand so I could see. It was fantastic.

It took a bit to recover.

Now, at the time I’m writing this, about six hours later, I feel great. Not disappointed. Very satisfied. Proud. Accomplished. Relieved. Content.

I look forward to experimenting with all I have learned about myself and my body while allowing myself the miracle of orgasm with cum. I have grown as a human and as a man.