Nexus Revo 2 Vs. Helix

So I just had my first prostate orgasm with a Helix Syn. I’m pretty straight, but my gay friend told me about how it felt, and well… Here I am. 10/10, bought him a beer for telling me about this.

Anyways, I am now looking for something thats a bit more intense, and passive cause sometimes I just forget to clench those muscles.

I’m thinking about the Revo 2, Revo intence, but I figured I would ask around before dropping over 100 bucks on it.

I know this isn’t quite the right sub, but I asked on /r/sextoys¬†and nobody responded :'(



  1. To be fair, you gave it 1 hour before posting in here. /r/sextoys isn’t the biggest subreddit. I’d wait a day or so before giving up on them. Anyways, I’ve heard good things about both the Revo and the l’amourose Rosa for active stimulation. However, passive usage of the Helix Syn isn’t a bad tactic either, you don’t always need to clench to achieve orgasm. Some of my best sessions are just me lying there enjoying the subtle sensations of the Helix. Keep at it, you seem to have gotten there quickly!

  2. Honestly, I would give the Aneros a bit more time. I have learned that over time the pleasure gets more intense.

  3. I actually posted it last week, deleted the post and reposted it. I think it might have been caught by the filter.

  4. I have the Revo Stealth. I love it and think it was worth the money, particularly how much I had spent on other toys (less per toy, but a lot all together trying knew things) with less effects. Of the Aneros line, I had tried the Progasm and classic, and while I learned a bunch and got some interesting sensations, I never got a super O and always felt they weren’t hitting the right spot. I had someone else use the Homme Pro on me and give me a super O, so I learned what the right spot and sensation felt like, and the Aneros never quite worked for me, even after a year or so of trying. I still try it here and there, but it just doesn’t feel like it rests in the right spot. So that’s my bias in telling you all this. The Revo however is really good. Especially for that passive feeling. I still sometimes do clenches or leg moves, but that’s not really necessary. I don’t get a Super-O every time with it, but I have had them with it. I honestly don’t know why Aneros hasn’t created a rotating head toy, considering they sued to keep the Revo out of the US for the next few years. Worth knowing: 1. You may have limited positions using the Revo. Some people can use any, others like me need to use it in a sitting/reclining position for it to be the right spot. 2. I can’t recommend the extra money for the Stealth enough. The 2 and I believe the Intense just have a button which cycles through the settings. First off, the button is on the unit, which can be annoying to reach when you’re using it. Second, the Revo has two functions, vibration and motion. But on the 2/intense, there’s only one button. So you have to cycle through. Even if you want to go from motion 1 no vibration to motion 2 no vibration, you have to go through 6 vibration settings to get to it. The remote for the Stealth allows you to control each individually. 3. The rotation is good, but I wish there was a faster setting. It’s not too slow, just warning you that this might come up with you. If you have a specific question, I’ll try to answer from my experience.

  5. Thanks for the detailed responce! Unfortunatly, the Intense and Revo 2 are already on the edge of what I feel comfortable spending on a sex toy, its a lot for me on my megar minimum wage. Do you have any other recommendations for around the same price range?

  6. The only other toy I’d mention that I have good experience with would be the Sensuelle Homme Pro. It’s a wand style toy, so not at all like the Revo or even the Aneros . When someone else uses it on me, it’s great (and was my first super O). Because I have shorter arms and am less flexible, using it on myself is rather frustrating; I also like having my hands free like with the Aneros and Revo. It’s got a stroking motion (check for videos) and about 5 vibration settings – much stronger vibration than the Revo. On the bad side, the head is big and has small silicone spikes, so it can be annoying to get inside and is probably not your first toy during a session. It retails for over 100, but I found it on Amazon about $50 or so. Looks to be about $45 right now. There are some guys here on reddit who swear by it, so you may want to give it a try if money is a concern. It’s not my go-to toy at all (still the Revo), but I can’t discount that I got my first Super-O when someone else used it, so I’ll still try it sometime to figure out the position/technique that will make it work for me. That might not answer your real question, so I’ll say this : I haven’t seen anything like the Revo from another manufacturer, whether cheaper or not. Most tend to focus on vibration. Actual movement like the Revo is almost nonexistent and I have no idea why. Like I mentioned, legally, the Revo can’t be sold in the US and needs to be shipped in for about 2 years more due to Aneros’s lawsuit, but neither they nor anyone else has come up with a Revo equivalent.

  7. I have a Revo 2 and I definitely recommend it. It is unlike any other of my prostate toys, and it was worth every cent. As far as the Revo Intense, I have no idea what the difference is between the Intense and the 2.

  8. Awesome! I used to use water-based lube for the Revo, but now I use coconut oil since it doesn’t dry out as quick. You might want to look into that!

  9. I’ve actually been musing about switching up from water-based to coconut oil. Can I use the same coconut oil I see at the grocery/drug store, or are there specific things I need it to be? Any things I should know first or might overlook?

  10. as with other oils/fats (like shea butter) you’ll want it to be UNREFINED so that it didn’t get "enriched" with possibly irritating things

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