Laser-like reflections amplification for Couple's SUPERSuper-Os hyper-linked!!!

Two recent sessions with my dear wife, mrs. a, and we have had two huge leaps for couples life together exploring full prostate/Gspot awakening to shareable full spectrum orgasmic energies ecstasies!!!!!!!!!

In a previous session about a week ago, and about three hours long or more, we got to the point that my aneros awakened and Key Sound amplified and directed energies were being shared through several body contact points with mrs. a!!~~!!~~!!~~!!~~!! and we were both feeling energies flowing in ourselves and in the other stronger than ever before!!

Mrs. a described her feelings as "whooshes" rushing through her body. Mine were the MicroCosmic Orbit of my Taoist practice since the early 1990s. Mine were also much enhanced by recent solo sessions with E-Syn and including deep self-fingering/massaging my prostate!!!!!

This joint session with mrs. a ended with us both in elevated state of ecstasies and serenity as she too, for the first time had a powerful internal cycle of energies in her own body, hers taking the form of the infinity loop!!!

What a session that was, a real pinnacle!!! and yet now in hindsight a preview of even more to come…

About a week later, earlier this week, we had another great open morning and had great oral openings and then our favourite scissors position p/v slow alternating thrusting then still periods mmmmmmmmmmmmmm and bio-electric energies orgasms via energies exchanges between us mmmm so incredibly subtle/powerful~~~MMmmm~~~~mmmMMMMMmmM~~~ and then after a still period mrs. a slipped her finger into me and hit my prostate beautifullyAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmaaaaahhhmmmmm

And we both felt this was a fantastic session as it was going, and yet…

we could both feel something more hovering, breathing, waiting…

and we quickly both withdrew and repositioned into our Wedding Band: head to other's toes, she again fingering my prostate anally and me now fingering her prostate/Gspot vaginally mmmm!!~~~!!~~!!!!!~~!!~!!~~!!!!!

After over an hour of these orgasmic wonders, enhanced by other shared body contact points, free hands, feet, thighs whatever meeting wherever mmmm, mrs. a's finger went numb.

We were both at orgasmic energies levels we had not reached before and her whole inside pubic triangle, the roof of her vagina, was all hyper sensitive and so responsive!! Her prostate was fully awakened and actively engaging at a never before level!!!

My prostate was continuing its throbbing undulating waves of ecstasies and orgasmic peaks, and yet was again calling me, as it has since age 13, and I replaced her numb finger with my very electric middle finger and got right to my prostate!!!!!!AAAHHHMMMNAASNMNBNBMNVDFDCGHGFDYTRSUTRJFCOOOOOsss MMMMMMMMM and then…

My right hand finger)s( )part of the time two in at once( were fully engaged and deeply connected with her still firing prostate, and my middle left finger similarly fully linked to my prostate…

and like the mirror ends of a ruby laser rod, our prostates, hyper-linked directly through my arms and heart, kept on generating more and more energies, reflecting them bouncing back through to each other,
amplifying and super-charging them over and over again…
until time went infinite
and we fused is such ethereal unspeakable orgasmic spiritual energies abundance that we both floated through the rest of that day and beyond with all kinds of fireworks going off deep with us both,
and transmitting more whenever we smiled at each other or gently touched or hugged and
we know we are in someplace we both intend to stay, with such gratitude, for the rest of our lives together…
that is such an ineffable gift


  1. Art, this is not the first time I've seen the infinite time reference. I do have a question about it though. How did you and Mrs. A leave the infinite space in order to resume normal activity again? Did you have to make an aware decision to start backing off the stimulation in order to come back?

    I'm very glad to see the benefits and connection remain. I always retain such sensations in a solo session. I'm hoping to soon be able to try such experiments with my partner as well. You remain an inspiration in your sharing. I can feel the energy you share as well as imagine and visualize all the wonderous feelings you and Mrs. A share. It's a beautiful and loving sensation.

  2. Thanks Brian, and Rikaaim!!

    Rika, it is complicated and I would be happy to chat with you about it and will appreciate your questions and feed-back; just as I do with your comments here.

    Thanks very much both of you!!


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