So no session yet. i Don't think I will have time until Tuesday. Which is completely okay. I have used this time to do some kegel exercises…and to get to know my body a little better!

I have obstained from all regular jack-off routines, and have been practicing flexing and moving my PC muscles at all times of the day; work, home, driving in the car, etc. the results have been fun and interesting! It has been hard not to release, as my partner and I like to just pay around from time to time. It's been a very busy week or both of us, so it helps I've chosen this week to experiment!

There is definitely something to be said about doing this experiment. While inexperienced…I almost feel like it is a tease. I was at my desk at work doing my exercises, and felt some great waves of pleasure up my stomach to my throat, and up through h back of my head. My vision went blurry and I was lucky I was alone at the time. Got a few twitches in my head and then I subsided. It felt amazing.

I'm so happy I have joined this site to aid in my aneros awakening. Lots of really cool and open minded guys who are eager to help! Thanks to everyone so far for welcoming an eager newbie!

More to come early next week…