Huge Mistake!

So my partner and I just got home from an awesome vacation! We had a great time and had some great quality time together.

We had switched hotels because we were staying in different cities throughout the week, I had brought the progasm and helix syn hoping we could play a bit while we were there.

Long story short, when we unpacked at the last hotel, I put them in the table by the bed…usually where I put our stuff for easy access when the moment is right. Our flight was early the day we left, and I thought we had packed everything.

Except, I did not pack the toys.

Luckily I still have my helix at home, but I am kicking myself for not doing a once over on the room.

Here lies the dilemma…do I contact the hotel? Part of me thinks they have been thrown away, considering they are "personal items". It was very obvious what they were, considering there was a bottle of lube in there with them.

His embarrassing would it be to ask them to check, and then to ask to have them shipped back.

Then again, maybe this is a sign to get some new models…any advice?

Feeling sad…I will miss my progasm for sure! I've taken them on many trips and this has never happened!

Found something fun

So the past few weeks, I have actually had some time to myself to explore my body with the aneros. And with that, great results have happened.

I have achieved some great orgasms with the use of my progasm. I don't know if I would classify it as a "super-o"…but holy crap did it feel amazing.

A big part of this is listening to my prostate and finding out what is wants. If it doesn't want to be played with…I leave it alone. I can tell because it is not active during that day. I rarely will have spasms during the day, and more often it just wants a rest.

But…when it wants to be played with…it doesn't leave me alone. Almost every step I will take will send tingles up my spine and abdomen. One days like this, I know that it wants an aneros session.

On these days, sensations start right from insertion and build into his orgasmic bliss. There was one night where I was home alone where I literally was crying out because it felt soooo good. I laid on my stomach and just let the progasm got at me. I felt like I was on the verge of cumming for close to 5 minutes. After I came down from that…the waves were less intense, but still amazing.

3 nights of bliss

So this weekend was a mixed bag. My partner was working overnight all weekend, so I had the nights to myself. I missed having him near me, but I was quickly distracted with all the aneros time I was able to have to myself.

I ordered my eupho syn from amazon because it was cheaper. By accident, they sent me a Helix Syn. While I had originally wanted the eupho, I decided to keep the Helix and see about adding the eupho to my collection next time.

Friday night, I washed up and got ready for a session. I decided to go with the regular helix. Had som great moments and rode for about an hour and finished with a traditional jack off. Same thing on Saturday night with about the same results. My kegel muscles are much stronger now. I feel like I can isolate different areas, and use different muscles to maneuver the device in different ways.

All Sunday, I could tell my prostate was alive and well. I decided to opt for the big boy, and took my time with the progasm. Right away, I could FEEL my body reacting to the device. My prostate was loving to progasm, and I had two very nonsense orgasms. I wouldn't classify them as a super-o, but deffinetely the closest I have ever been to one. after about an hour, I took a breather, and decided to opt for the helix syn. Since the progasm had been in me for a while,the syn slipped right in. It moves much easier than the progasm, and I was able to ride t for another hour, giving me 1 very amazing orgasm with lots of waves and tingles.

Something new ahead

I ordered a eupho syn yesterday, and should be here by the end of the week. Haven't ridden in a long time and am going into a weekend where I will have ample time to ride! Really excited to relax, unwind, and see where my body decides to take me with my new toy.

Something different

Hey all,

I have been MIA for a while. My partner and I have been very busy lately, but that does not mean I have stopped my journey. I have had some great sessions in the past month, and just have been too busy to log on or log about it. But tonight, I had some time, and got a really different and fun session in.

I was coming home from the store, and the boyfriend was working. I had things to do, but my prostate actually FELT like it wanted to be touched and drained, it was weird. It was a very full and almost inviting feeling. I got ready and decided to use the helix. It was very weird, because it slipped in with no work at all.

I laid on my bed one my back with my knees bent. After about 5 minutes, the waves started and I was in bliss. I was trembling…but it was so delicate. It was like my prostate wanted something more. I rode the helix for a while, and had a few mini-o's. after coming down from like my 5 ones, I decided to see what would happens if I slipped the progasm in. So I switched it up.


Sooo… Last night the Boyfriend were out doing some errands after work, and the conversation came up that we haven't had some playtime this week. He was craving it and so was I. On the way home, I told him that we would do something different tonight.

Got home, made out for a little bit and then I told him I'd be right back. I was so at arroused by that my prostate was already hungry for attention. I told him I want to play with the aneros, but he had to listen to me. He couldn't touch my penis like he typically does, and he could not ask to hav it taken out so we could fuck like he typically does. He would have to let me run my course.

I lubed up and inserted the helix. And just lay there. He asked what was going to happen. I told him "I don't really know…"

I started feeling short waves of pleasure about two minutes in. One shakes started happening but nothing over the top. Then…something happened that had never happened before. The waves intensified…and the helix was pulled further into my body. More and more waves, and the finally something REALLY awesome happened. I could describe the feeling other than it was sure bliss. I liked brine's analogy in his audio session where he said someone was ringing the doorbell, and not taking their finger off the button. AMAZING! It lasted for about a minute before it sub-sided, and then I got this gentle floating feeling. Like I had just cum buckets, and I was so relaxed and peaceful. My prostate was also pulsing, and felt HUGE! In such a good way!


So no session yet. i Don't think I will have time until Tuesday. Which is completely okay. I have used this time to do some kegel exercises…and to get to know my body a little better!

I have obstained from all regular jack-off routines, and have been practicing flexing and moving my PC muscles at all times of the day; work, home, driving in the car, etc. the results have been fun and interesting! It has been hard not to release, as my partner and I like to just pay around from time to time. It's been a very busy week or both of us, so it helps I've chosen this week to experiment!

There is definitely something to be said about doing this experiment. While inexperienced…I almost feel like it is a tease. I was at my desk at work doing my exercises, and felt some great waves of pleasure up my stomach to my throat, and up through h back of my head. My vision went blurry and I was lucky I was alone at the time. Got a few twitches in my head and then I subsided. It felt amazing.

I'm so happy I have joined this site to aid in my aneros awakening. Lots of really cool and open minded guys who are eager to help! Thanks to everyone so far for welcoming an eager newbie!

More to come early next week…

First time and beyond

So my journey began about 6 years ago. When I purchase my original model, I was much younger and had tried to achieve something with the original helix without much success. I was very impatient, and not really knowing what I was looking for. Plus, this was before the creation of this site, YouTube. Xtube, etc…so the resources were not out there. In moving to school, and everything else, my aneros found its way out of my life for a little bit.

Flash forward about 6 years. I was now in my mid twenties and much more established. I had come out of the closet, and had been with my boyfriend for about 3 years at this point. We would, still make random trips to the adult store to look for videos and toys we can use to spice up our less life. On one trip, I noticed that the helix and programs were on sale. I persuaded him to purchase both to try out. He can have a difficult time bottoming sometimes, so I thought this might help "open his eyes". I told him this was something I tried a while back, and thought it might be something worth while.

We used the aneros that night just playing around with each other. Great session, but not this "super-o" I had been dreaming of. I knew I would need to find some "me" time to get the hang of this.