Huge Mistake!

So my partner and I just got home from an awesome vacation! We had a great time and had some great quality time together.

We had switched hotels because we were staying in different cities throughout the week, I had brought the progasm and helix syn hoping we could play a bit while we were there.

Long story short, when we unpacked at the last hotel, I put them in the table by the bed…usually where I put our stuff for easy access when the moment is right. Our flight was early the day we left, and I thought we had packed everything.

Except, I did not pack the toys.

Luckily I still have my helix at home, but I am kicking myself for not doing a once over on the room.

Here lies the dilemma…do I contact the hotel? Part of me thinks they have been thrown away, considering they are "personal items". It was very obvious what they were, considering there was a bottle of lube in there with them.

His embarrassing would it be to ask them to check, and then to ask to have them shipped back.

Then again, maybe this is a sign to get some new models…any advice?

Feeling sad…I will miss my progasm for sure! I've taken them on many trips and this has never happened!


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