Distance makes the prostate grow founder

This will be quick I'm still trying to catch my breathe. I just got one with a beautiful session. Back story I have not rode anything for two weeks and have not had a wet orgasm for 5 days. The pipes needed to be cleaned and my prostate needed to be scratched. Parents with out to dinner and I got in the shower cleaned out and ran back to my bedroom with glee in my heart.

I lubed up my ass and progasm and stuck a pillow under me to give me a lift. Also I decided to put on a cock ring. Not more then 5 seconds of it being inside of me I began to moan like a werewolf and there was no full moon tonight. My dick instantly got rock hard and the air began to leave my body just like now as I recant what happen in my head. My nipples wanted attention so I began to pull and grab them. I was in a trance and nothing could break me out of it.

My legs are dangling in the air cause I feel it fucking my ass so deep and hard. With just little contracting in and out my body began to spasm. I rubbed my belly ad just moaned i pure xstacy. I was not in control. Mr. Progasm was taking me for a ride weather I liked it or not. But I didn't like it I loved it. My dick still robbing and flopping pre cum all over my stomach and thighs and all over the pillow that was under me. I began to taste my juices which turned me on even more.

Orgasm after orgasm I just didn't know if it would end. I was so loud but who cares. More pounding, more thrusting in me. I can hear a slouchy sound coming from my ass. It was so wet. I know your not suppose to do this but I couldn't hold back any more. I began to jack y hard throbbing dick off and that just heighten the pleasure that was coming fro my prostate ad not rushing from within side my dick.

I couldn't hold it any more. My legs was in the air and my body was floating away. A few more contractions and jerks and BOOOOOOOM! THE ERUPTION!!!! All over my body, my hair, my pubs. I just licked it all up. then BOOM! after shocks. One after the other. Even now I'm getting little mini shocks from retelling what happened just a few hours ago. Just a few days away from Mr. Progasm and came back stronger then ever.

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  1. I always like your vivid descriptions, BigO, gives me a sympathetic dryO. You don't say why you broke your aneros fast. Wasn't there a problem with over-stimulation or something? I guess you're back in business.

  2. I was horny the whole day. I woke up that morning with a boner, in the shower boner. It calmed down once I was at work but while just relaxing p waves just kept running through me. I knew my parents were gonna be gone for a couple hours so I had to do it or I was gonna go insane. Also I read that blue balls post and did not want that to happen to me. Yes very much back in business.

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