My best sessions are on awakening, I'm relaxed, breathing easy, quiet, focused on my body and ready to receive pleasure. These are asexual sessions which means I'm not turned on or stimulating myself in any way. I figure I'm aroused by the life force within me or whatever you want to call it. It's something that's with me all the time but is hard for me to access when my brain is engaged. During the day when I have a session, the force is with me but seems to be muted, I'm guessing because of mental distractions. I need erotic stimulation to access the orgasmic feelings during day sessions and even so, it's not the same. they're both wonderful, just different.

Tonight I experimented with a new lube administration, shea butter through a syringe and a butt plug. I got the syringe and plug combo from Rite Aide which they sell as a liquid medication dispenser for babies. I guess the butt plug is actually supposed to represent a nipple for the infant to suck on but I re-purposed it. It's a conical tip that one puts on the end of the syringe, and has a hole through it for passage of the med. It fits in my rear perfectly up to but not past the first sphincter. I take the plunger out, heat the barrel of the syringe in warm water, then push it into the jar of shea butter to fill it. Then I replace the plunger, push the butter to the tip, put the butt plug on the tip and it's then ready to go for my next session. The rest is self-explanatory.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/miscellaneous/


  1. I have a similar syringe to get lube inside. Great help to be slippery inside AND out!

    Your first paragraph resonates very strongly with me, euph. To discover the magical pleasure of your "life force" is quite enlightening and satisfying, in ways that are difficult to communicate.

    Love to read of your self-discovery.


  2. I'm not a expert but I think so many men are so ready in the morning cause were already pre throbbing for a morning piss then once we feel that all erotic notifications hit the body. I actually love the feeling and it is a great alarm clock. I always just lube up two fingers and play with my hole to lube it up and dip my toy in the oil then insert.

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