Second ride, Helix Syn

Well, after my first helix ride last week, I was feeling pretty beat-up around the prostate, and figured I'd let myself recover for a week before trying it again. I had a couple of sessions with the smallest peridise, and the peaks were not as they had been. )Still very nice(. Including a wet one Saturday night.

But, last night, my tail seemed to be in fine fettle, and yearning for something substantial. So, very late, I prepared , lubed, and inserted. I don't have total control yet; twice the helox squirted out as I rolled over from position to position. That may have lubed the perineum tab; so It didn't anchor. But i was in no state to calmly examine it.

After about 20 minutes, I was in a blissed-out state; cruising along at about 7 out of 10, peaking with superO's on the waves that I was in no shape to count. After )I guess( about an hour, I decided it was time to ejaculate; so I gave it a shot. Having an old reproductive system producing scant bodily fluids, I didn't load up and fire, bit I did have a yummy one, releasing the shot of relaxing and happiness hormones that we all know so well.

At that point, I thought I was done, but I was so relaxed and blissed out I coouldn't get it together to unplug the Helix. As I lay there, cruising happily, I may have slept, but kept coming back to dry superO's. It was surprising to me that I had any tension available, but I just rode the waves as they came. Eventually, after about three hours total, I was finally together enough to debum the Helix, clean up, and set up to sleep.

Now, in the morning, I do not feel nearly as beat-up in the prostate as I did last week. Much more refreshed.


I am blessed, indeed, at almost 70, to have rejuvenated my sexual abilities and interest so much.



  1. Hey Warren

    Indeed you are blessed. I like reading your posts. I am hoping for similar results on my journey at age 66. You use the word rejuvenated and that is exactly what I want. No mini Os or Dry Os yet, but I wont give up. Thanks for posting. You help other older guys here with the process.

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