Sooo… Last night the Boyfriend were out doing some errands after work, and the conversation came up that we haven't had some playtime this week. He was craving it and so was I. On the way home, I told him that we would do something different tonight.

Got home, made out for a little bit and then I told him I'd be right back. I was so at arroused by that my prostate was already hungry for attention. I told him I want to play with the aneros, but he had to listen to me. He couldn't touch my penis like he typically does, and he could not ask to hav it taken out so we could fuck like he typically does. He would have to let me run my course.

I lubed up and inserted the helix. And just lay there. He asked what was going to happen. I told him "I don't really know…"

I started feeling short waves of pleasure about two minutes in. One shakes started happening but nothing over the top. Then…something happened that had never happened before. The waves intensified…and the helix was pulled further into my body. More and more waves, and the finally something REALLY awesome happened. I could describe the feeling other than it was sure bliss. I liked brine's analogy in his audio session where he said someone was ringing the doorbell, and not taking their finger off the button. AMAZING! It lasted for about a minute before it sub-sided, and then I got this gentle floating feeling. Like I had just cum buckets, and I was so relaxed and peaceful. My prostate was also pulsing, and felt HUGE! In such a good way!

This happened…again…and again…and again for about an hour. First time I had ever felt this way. The boyfriend was weirded out a little bit at first, but then really got into it. It felt so good to touch him, and smell him, and just experience this with him. He jacked off traditionally while I did this. When he had finished, I decided to jack off as well. When I did, I came the biggest load I had ever came in my life.

Can't wait to do this again! And…I've peaked the boyfriend's interest too…might be making a trip to the adult store this weekend to pick something up for him!

Soooo looking forward to what lies ahead!