3 nights of bliss

So this weekend was a mixed bag. My partner was working overnight all weekend, so I had the nights to myself. I missed having him near me, but I was quickly distracted with all the aneros time I was able to have to myself.

I ordered my eupho syn from amazon because it was cheaper. By accident, they sent me a Helix Syn. While I had originally wanted the eupho, I decided to keep the Helix and see about adding the eupho to my collection next time.

Friday night, I washed up and got ready for a session. I decided to go with the regular helix. Had som great moments and rode for about an hour and finished with a traditional jack off. Same thing on Saturday night with about the same results. My kegel muscles are much stronger now. I feel like I can isolate different areas, and use different muscles to maneuver the device in different ways.

All Sunday, I could tell my prostate was alive and well. I decided to opt for the big boy, and took my time with the progasm. Right away, I could FEEL my body reacting to the device. My prostate was loving to progasm, and I had two very nonsense orgasms. I wouldn't classify them as a super-o, but deffinetely the closest I have ever been to one. after about an hour, I took a breather, and decided to opt for the helix syn. Since the progasm had been in me for a while,the syn slipped right in. It moves much easier than the progasm, and I was able to ride t for another hour, giving me 1 very amazing orgasm with lots of waves and tingles.

All in all, I was happy with the helix. I hope to eventually buy the eupho. We go on vacation this week and I plan to pack all three devices when the boyfriend for when the boyfriend and I get some play time. Should be lots of fun!