My Second Session-Thank God for the Forums

So, I see a pattern emerging. Everytime I read the Forums I pick up something new to think about and try. A new position. A new way to contract my muscles. Stop chasing the Super-O and just relax. I just spent an incredibly relaxing 4 hours letting the SGX and then the Classic teach me about my anus.
No more brute force approach. This isn't a sprint. It's even longer than a marathon. It might as well be a side career/job since I didn't invest this much time on any recent activity.
I start slowly. It is morning. The wife is at work. I have a couple timers set in case I fall asleep. I am just relaxed and breathing. I practice stomach breathing for an hour with gentle contractions. I notice that on my right side, bottom leg gently bent and left leg on top of it with a more severe bend per the instructions it is very relaxing. I do gentle contractions with the breathing. In this position, as I curl my head gently downward toward my feet and as I breath into my stomach I begin automatically have a gentle, intentional contraction. It feels like I am breathing through my anus. I pull air in and the SGX gently pulls into my rectum. I blow air out and it releases.
I begin to notice subtle differences in the muscle groups. The ribbed base has a specific feel when I grip it. I forget about the pressure of the P-Tab and just focus on the slow pull of the SGX into my ass. It feels like four different muscles as I isolate them. I feel a gentle spasming of my rectum. A pleasant buzz almost. So quiet and gentle. I am not watching porn or listening to anything except my anus. I am focused completely on my breathing and during the pause between breaths I notice the subtle differences in feelings that develop.
I move to my back and place a pillow under my butt and switch to the Classic with the finger ring cut off. It feels different and almost like I am starting over. Then I get little tingles. No P-Waves. Nothing ground breaking. But I feel in comparison to my first session, this is a fantastic improvement. Sometimes my cock is hard. Most times it is not.
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