Session Three

Not sure why I can't save this as 3:00am. It keeps reverting to 3:00pm.
Friday evening was another marathon event. Again, I spent three hours in the afternoon and evening reading the Forums. So many different experiences. So many things to try.
I spent a couple hours in front of the TV practicing gentle, pleasant contractions. I am exhausted and I pass out watching TV with my wife. So little sleep but I feel so relaxed. She wakes me up as she heads to bed and I head downstairs to practice in the living room. I have an irrational fear of some insane Super-O ambushing me while I sleep next to her.
I enjoy relaxing for another 4 hours in a very similar manner to the earlier session. Some shallow contractions. Some deep contractions. Focusing on my breathing. Nice little twitches. A couple fuzzy sensations like an electrical buzzing around my prostate–these feel reminiscent of the e-stim devices a little. At one point it feels like a small rivulet of water pours down my abdomen along the left side and startles me. I look to see if I accidently urinated or streamed pre-cum but nothing is there and I am totally dry.
I read about lying on my back and tucking my scrotum between my legs and thrusting up to stimulate a sort-of hands-free orgasm as I start running out of time. The feeling becomes very passionate and violently physical as I thrust harder grunting and breathing and holding my breath at times. As I cum, and I cum hard, I feel like light shoots out of the top of my head. The ejaculate is a small quantity compared to the force of the orgasm but I feel that familiar refractory period again when my prostate tells me, "That's it, Buddy" and the Classic becomes a little uncomfortable on my prostate. This has happened with the Aneros devices when I have used them purely for jacking off in the past.
I do a few more cooldown contractions but the pleasure isn't there. I feel worn out but, again, I experienced something new.
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