Seventh Session-Rock My World

Hi Everyone,
Well, this session needs a little explanation. The Aneros is teaching me a lot. I wish I could say my experience follows a nice linear itinerary of development, however, many of the things that others have described as normal progression went out the window today. I am still religiously following the Forums. The audiohypnosis is great and a big thank you to Rumel.
I just finished a 2 hour session. I thought I knew what an orgasm was. I was expecting some giant penis-focused event. I had 6 dry orgasms over 90 minutes followed by a nice, but not great Super-T. I am now scared to go anywhere there is club music. I don't think I did it as much as the music beat did it to me.
I headed home after my interview and really wanted to get the legs going again. It was a nice way to finish last night and I was excited to try to get it going again.
I started with deep breathing and stretching. I would clench up a muscle group in my body as I took a deep breath and then shake it out. I imagined all my stress as water turning to ice during the clench and then shattering and falling away as I released.
I was on my back, knees bent, and had my laptop on the floor next to me. I think being on a rug on a hardwood floor makes a big difference for me. I will eventually try it on the bed but the floor and rug is where this event happened so I am going to keep going back for more.
I spent 30 minutes relaxing with nice repetitions of different contractions as I focused on my breathing. I was also looking for some nice hypno compilation tracks on a website I frequent. I know many of you guys aren't into transsexuals but some of the BEST techno/dance compilations are under the heading sissy trainer or cock trainer. The imagery is usually straight or transsexual but the music is incredible house music. I just can't get excited to compilations with CCR in the background–apologies to the young folks who don't remember CCR.
So I am doing these contractions and start playing this compilation. Everything is nice and about 90 seconds into the compilation the music changes slightly and there is this heavy beat in the background. Listen guys, I do not dance. Look up white man's overbite and find a picture of me dancing in the dictionary. However, the moment and I mean the MOMENT this beat starts, my entire lower body loses control and I am doing my damnedest to hold the Classic in my ass and my lower body is shaking and quaking. I am trying to remember to breath as moments later my ass starts bouncing and I mean SLAMMING into the floor. It feels exquisite and awesome and terrifying and cool and warm all over. This goes on for what feels like 4.5 minutes and as the compilation finishes I try to restart it and my hands are shaking so bad and my lower body has a mind of its own. It stops suddenly and I feel this rush of endorphins. I have this giant shit eating grin on my face and I start laughing again.
I rest for a minute, reposition the towel under my ass, and start the compilation again. This time, it doesn't wait for the heavy beat to start. The original music is enough. I am quaking and laughing and trying to remember deep, relaxing breaths as my rectum holds onto the Classic for dear life. I am watching my body SLAM my ass down as hard as it can. I had had sex a few times in my life and I NEVER thrust like this before.
I remember another forum user saying they felt a tickle in their shoulder and then when they moved it to adjust it their upper body joined the fun. I took a breath and did what could best be described as a male breast jiggle shaking my shoulders back and forth as if I was giving a little flirty show. No shit, they immediately picked up the beat and suddenly my lower body goes ape-shit and is no longer satisfied with slamming my ass down on the floor. Now it is bouncing side to side and my shoulders and arms go crazy.
I decided, this is why you pratice all those contractions. This is the moment when your toughness is tested. Not by your endurance. This didn't make me tired at all. Just the opposite. I think I could do this for ten hours as long as I had water nearby. All those practiced anal contractions were for the sole purpose of keeping the aneros classic IN MY ASS. If I let go for even a second I think it would have shot out of my ass and went through my living room picture window.
I was POURING sweat, trying miserably to breath in some manner. By the way, at this stage there was no relaxing manner. I was trying to just breath
Guys on the forums joke about looking like Darryl Hanna from Blade Runner after she is shot? That is ALMOST how crazy I looked. Suddenly I was this crazed monster on the floor just trying to hold the aneros in my ass.
After another 10 minutes it slowed down to a stop. I got up and nearly fell over. I started laughing again. I went to the fridge and grabbed an ice cold water and drank 32 oz in no time as sweat poured off me.
I went back, took out the Classic and put in the Maximus. Same clip, same insanity. I called forth the shoulder shake monster and we were off to the races again. Two more like that and I am wondering what the Progasm would do to me.
Well guys, bigger isn't always better. I put in the Progasm and although it felt okay, I just don't think my body was ready for it. All the feelings were muted. By now my ass was loose so the Prograsm felt fine. However, the quakes were hard but I didn't feel the orgasm really building to completion. The hips and glutes and ass were going but I can't explain it more than it just didn't feel right. I let it go for a few minutes and then went back to the Maximus.
Everytime I switched Aneros devices I was afraid that I would be unable to restart. However, it kept working. I changed house music and put it as the background beat, loud enough to hear but not so loud it drown out a new favorite porn tube I found. I watched and listened to the porn while the house music played a wonderful background soundtrack. It was like a snake charmer coaxing an orgasm out.
The music and the Maximus started its magic again and another two earth shattering crazy events later and I was thanking my lucky stars.
I decided to go for broke and try for a Super-T finale. I think the Super-T is more art than science and it takes a delicate touch and a few failures. This entire time, all 6 orgasms and my cock had never gotten hard. Now that I wanted a Super-T I really had to stop the shaking and quaking. I had to get some arousal in cock. It was hard to get a boner. Deep contractions and my favorite porn finally got me going and then I turned some house music back on and it was off to the races. Unfortunately, I ended up with a ruined orgasm. I was trying to edge it so the prostate thumping from my ass slamming on the floor would keep it going and finally finish me off and failed. I think it just takes practice. No worries. No complaints. Just an incredible afterglow. What an amazing experience. Life altering. I set up my next week's schedule to continue my journey.
Now, I have to say a lot of what I expected didn't happen and what did happen isn't what I expected. I expected these gentle P-Waves building into a crescendo and involuntaries to takeover. There may have been P-waves…honestly I was just trying to hold the damn thing in my ass. As far as involuntaries, I imagined being gently fucked by the Aneros. Instead I know the Aneros was moving because it wanted out as I fought to hold it in. I didn't expect the INSANE motions my body was capable of. I would have been less surprised if I did the spooky Linda Blair spider-walk from The Exorcist: Director's Cut.
It may sound like some silliness, but my two cents are as follows. Take your time with fully appreciating what your Aneros is trying to teach you about your body. If you feel your leg or legs start twitching, encourage it by letting it do its thing and give the other one a little push. I can't believe how often I ignored and forced my leg to stop it the last few sessions. It is a very subtle movement orignally and it *feels* like a distraction from the contractions. It is not.
I found my thighs were screaming hot and I kept raking my fingernails up and down my thighs, the sides of my legs, my glutes, and violently twisting my nips as I was screaming out to God.
As always, back to the Forums. A big thank you to all the forum regulars, Rumel, B-Mayfield and everyone else. I am going to keep posting as new developments continue.

P.S. I am now terrified to go to a dance club for fear I am going to drop to the floor and start uncontrollable orgasms-LOL. God Bless House Music.