Sixth Session-Something Special

Wow. Just wow. Like crazy weird wow. Only 2 hours Sunday night because I had an early morning. No porn tonight. No hypno music. Just deep breathing and an almost meditative state.
Antagonistic muscle contractions. I am on my back most sessions now-I forgot to mention that. I try the slingshot and again, although it is kind of cool I think it is a little too advanced for me. However, about 90 minutes into the session, my legs start jumping a little. In the past I have had this happen and didn't think too much about it. I usually force them to stop and focus on my breathing and contractions. As strange as this sounds, with my eyes closed and concentrating on my breathing, I feel like I can hear voices in another room. It is as if a tv were left on and I could almost make out a conversation but not really.
This time, I let the legs do there thing with my feet on the floor and still on my back. The movement becomes automatic. Like they are fighting. I just keep focusing on my breathing as the shakes and quakes move down to my butt and it starts jumping around. I am trying split my attention between the crazy gyrations my lower body is going through while fousing on calming, deep breathing and an occasional contraction. I try to get some involuntaries going but I can't. For about 20 minutes I am bouncing around thinking to myself, this is pretty cool. Again, this will sound strange but I feel like there is an 18 inch long phantom cock bumping along right thigh during the gyrations. My own cock never got hard this whole time so I have no idea if this was just a trippy halucination or an out-of-body spirit cock but it was FUCKING AWESOME. I decide to pass a little gas and the spell is broken.
I want to make them come back but I remember how late it is and how early I have to wake up. I decide that I am satisfied with the experience. It was pretty damn awesome. Then as I roll over onto my knees I almost pass out. I am overwhelmed by the desire to sleep. I force myself to my feet and can barely walk. I am overcome with euphoria and dizziness and a warm golden glow. I am dizzy and the room is tilting. I just start laughing. I can't help it. It is so funny for some reason. I feel this intense happiness.

P.S. Passing gas usually helps me focus on contractions. Not sure how gas affects the cavity/chamber. However, if something cool is happening, just hold it.

P.P.S. The next morning driving to an interview I am again overcome by that incredible warm glow.