So this post will be so different. It won't be erotic. It won't be filled with lust. This post is about pure bliss and achieving that bliss and continuing to explore more. So as I stated my dad has been interested about the Aneros line and journey. He has caught me and we have talked about it. We sat down as two grown men and really talked about it. He felt like it was something that he wanted to embark on. II was a little nervous talking to my father about his sexual needs and his prostate. But after talking to my brothers here I found that he just needs the guides that I needed when I first started.

I wrote in my post yesterday that since we were going to be alone for the whole weekend I would finally bring it back up. I already found out that he bought a Aneros toy which was the progasm. So I just had to figure out how to get him to open up in so many words. lol Boom I had it, the perfect plan to get my dad to open up about something so excited but still very personable. So after my dad took my mom to the air port. I was in my room on the site. When I heard that he was back I began to fake as If i was in a heat session with my Helix Syn. He came in no knocking or anything and just saw me siting there on my bed.

He was confused. He know he knew what he heard. So I asked him, "hey pops what's up?". He responded "so you having fun again I see?". I'm like huh. I'm really trying to pull it out of him. He needs to know that I know so I can help him with this. He said, "your toy are you riding it?". I said yeah. He had a smile creep on his face. Then I turned on him. I said, "how about you go get yours and we can ride together". He quickly said ok not knowing he just told on his self. He quickly tried to back track but the secret was out. The sad part is he kind of slumped down his head as if he was a shame to open up about this.

I asked him to sit down. I told him that I found out weeks ago and that it is fine. There is nothing wrong with reaching a orgasm this way. There is also nothing wrong with anal play as a heterosexual man. I can see he's listening and it;'s kind of making me tear up a little cause I can see the battle he is having in his head. I sat next to him and just recanted how cool he was with me saying I was gay so why would I get all disrespectful and rude by knowing that he wants to try anal play. He looked up at me and said that he has been having these feelings for a while. I didn't want to bring up the "BI" thing cause I already knew he was having a problem with just admitting this.

I told him that I love him and that admitting to like anal play does mean that your a homosexual. I also told him that there is plenty of men on the aneros website that are Straight, Bi & Homosexual. Aneros is not a orientation bender toy its for everyone. After getting that little tidbit. He was back to smiling. He knew nothing was wrong with him but he's the type of man that has to be in control. I saw how this fear of admitting had a whole on him. To see him fall weak to a urge is bad. So I suggested again that we ride together. He said ok. He went and got i the shower and came back ready for a good time.

I first want to tell everyone that is reading this that nothing sexual or erotical happen between us. Now separately we both were having crazy orgasms. Dry and wet one's. I put in some up to dated straight porn. All his stuff is from the 90's boring. I know he likes big butts and even though I'm gay straight porn still turns me on. So he got comfortable on his bed and I was in the love seat. I saw him lube up and insert very nicely. He saw the confused look on my face. I asked him how long he been riding. He said almost a month now. I was happy but a little upset he didn't come for me. But once I saw him ride I knew he had read the wiki and had really done some research.

I was having orgasms but I was really just basically watching him to see how he reacted to the progasm in him. He was moaning and really letting go. Once I saw that I forgot he was there & went to my blissful place and started to ride my waves. He was rubbing his nipples and was just really enjoying his self. Even after the porn ended we were still on a high. I was having hfwo and he was asking how I did that. I just informed him that with relaxing and letting go he would achieve it. I saw he was having short mini o's but he was also jacking off and I know for some people masturbating reroutes the sensations. It also stunts the growth of a orgasm cause all the sensations that should be coming from your prostate is coming from your dick.

So I told him that I had a idea. I went to my room got my computer and play some of my aneros mp3's. They were the gay men kind but he grasped to them and was feeling good. I began to teach him. I told him to not touch anything. He laid there and just listen to the men moan. I saw how his body reacted to it and it was doing a number on him. He was having trouble breathing so I just told him to calm down. That intense feeling is your prostate embrace it. he wanted to jack so bad but he didn't. I saw his legs begin to tingle. I told him to slow his breathing down. His breathes were becoming very shallow very quick. he started to stir in the bed. I know what is happening. He's building up a real orgasm. I can tell he has never felt this before. His face is looking flushed but still happy.

I'm saying in my head stay with it, stay with it. His back is arching and he's becoming loud. I mean LOUD. Like the lion roaring on the opening of a movie. I can just see his body tense up. But before I could say anything he calmed it back down. YAY. He's learning. It's like he's not my dad anymore he's a dear friend who I am really trying to help get over this hump. I can see he's at the top. The room is getting hot. I'm trying to disregard my mini's thats happening to me cause I'm trying to help him out. He's shaking, like hard body flopping. he screams out. He's having a full body orgasm, he's crying, his body is shaking and it's pre cum all over his legs.

A silent calm covers the room. It's like I came along for his blissful ride and now were both in the bahama's feeling good. As another mp3 begins I begin to sit back in the chair to finish my ride. I building up and my eyes are closed. I then hear him scream out this noise. As I look to the left he's covered in cum. I hope up cause he's not moving. I'm like whoa. He blinks his eyes to alert that he's alright and then he just burst out crying. Like sobbing. I ask him what's wrong and he says nothing. I had to know. So I said did you jerk that nut out and he shook his head no. WOW!!!!!!! My dad had his first HFWO on the first try. That needs to go down in the Aneros book. After that he was done. He needed a nap and I was hunger so I went to go out to eat with my friends. As of right now I feel at piece and I didn't even really have the experience. But to see him enjoy his self was priceless. So Finally my dad is a Aneros user. Hopefully he buys me one for my birthday. That would be cool. But this will be the last only time I ride with him. He's still my dad and even though he's my new buddy he's still my dad.