Session 4-Peridise Intro

Hi Everyone,
On Thursday I decided to buy a few more Aneros devices. I had made the mental commitment to the long haul. I picked up the starter Peridise Kit, a Progasm, a Helix-Syn, and a Maximus. They were all delivered Saturday afternoon. I lubed up the bigger Peridise and headed to watch Elyseum with Matt Damon. The Peridise is fun, gentle, and discrete. You can pass gas gently around it without a mess or fear of it flying out of your ass.
Although the Peridise is a subtle device to appreciate the anal cavity and muscle groups, the movie is less than outstanding. In a world of brown people which I recognize is what everyone will eventually be in 150 years, there are three white people: our hero Matt Damon, the lead bad guy who was the good guy from District 9, and Jodie Foster. I felt like it was trying to hard to be Running Man for a new generation or some other derivative.