its only just begun

I grew up in a devout Christian home raised on the belief that if my friends where doing something fun that there must be sin behind it. So growing up i didn't get to experience things that the other youth did. No sex,drugs,drinking,smoking none of it. Only thing I had done to that point was jack off. I plan on having sex once I am married. So to get from that to here it took something BIG to happen. Well I recently had a birthbay party and at that party I found out that I have a amazing friend I hope to find out who beacuse this unknown person for my gift bought me an helix syn the note in the box told me to go to the chat and start asking for help. So I did unfortunately I showed up while the chat was screwed up so I don't know who all I talked to other that chuckjo2000 who was has taken me under his wing like a am one of his own the things I have learned from that man are astounding. I can't put in words. Future posts will be about my rides. This was just a backround story.