miles to go before we sleep

On October 19th 2013 my journey had officially began not really knowing what I had had gotten myself into but I consider it a forced blessing because of how I got into this. Well I am really kicking myself for not doing the blog sooner because I have not truly documented this experience on step by step basis and I cant really describe what I have have experienced there have been a lot of firsts for me first ride,first less ride, first overnight ride, and just last night overnight ride while spending the night at my girlfriends house the most difficult thing I have done so far. As I have previously stated the only people who know about this journey are the people on the people on this site so I need all the guidance I can get. Some of the exercises seem to really help but as they say say practice makes perfect so the more you practice the amount of time for rewire goes down. I have read some but I don't wanna know too much because then I will expect certain things to happen I feer my expectations may prevent some things to occur naturally. I am starting to think that you somehow can feed off the energy of others to boost your own experience in turn. That brings us to today about 4 rides in. Stay thirsty my friends.