Conversations with myself

I have often Heard it said some of the best conversations are with yourself. I have learned some of the possible side effects that can occur when you rewire. Some of those things have made me reevaluate whether the benefits truly outweigh the side effects. I was looking for answers last night on the chat but no one was around to bounce ideas off of.

So I had that conversation with myself I feel like the week off may have hurt the progress made with my helix syn. The mind is needed to get a super 0. So I need to get the mind free and clear to be able to properly rewire. So I guess I should ask for help of the folk's on this site. I feel like I don't belong not too many guys my age on here so maybe I am getting involved too early and should hold off till I am older. I ended up having a half hour conversation with myself in chat so maybe I am going crazy. I think I am going to jump back into it this week.

Still no luck with finding out who's the bro that gave me such a life changing gift.




  1. and it was a very interesting conversation you had with yourself too. keep on chatting, you're never too young or too old.

  2. Very nice introduction to your practice dj!!

    There are many men of all ages and orientations here and I think you will find kindred spirits and guys at similar stages as you progress here.

    Great chatting with you this morning here in A chat. happy to help along the way for you.


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  3. I think my detailed pro's and con's blog might have deterred you. What might happen to me or to others might not happen to you. But you sound like your really getting a grasp of what it takes to be a anerosian and thats good. Do nothing that makes you feel uncomfortable. Im close to your age and trust me chatting with guys about how I feel and my body was weird but the men here got me to open up and we all are here to be listening ears and lend helping guiding hands. So when ever you need a brother or buddy hit me up.

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