3 days in the hole

Being this is my first entry, I'm starting with an introduction. I purchased my first aneros product about 8 months ago. I had been having a increasing interest in anal play after discovering how amazing it could feel. My first model was a progasm. I must say it was definitely a little bit of a jump to just start out with this, but my body adjusted accordingly. Within the first couple of weeks I had what I think is a full body orgasm. The next couple of times were definitely not the same. Frustrated I put it away for a while. Since then I've been on and off with the aneros since I bought two more models the MGX and the Helix.

3 days ago I decided I would stop penile contact altogether for at least a week. Every night since then has been an increasingly better session and I can feel my arousal growing. I'm very excited to see how different my session will be by the end of the week and see if I can go even longer. So far I have had no real desire to have a super t or even stimulate my penis in the traditional sense. I am really starting to get into this "sexual journey" that everyone speaks of and am enjoying my experiences as they come. I've been doing pc and sphincter excercises everyday and trying to master the "tug of war" technique. A couple of other techniques such as KSMO and certain tantric exercises have caught my eye and I'm looking into them.

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  1. Answered your KSMO question with an introductory in our Conversation that you started asking me about it.

    Happy to chat anytime about Key Sound and Tantra and Tao… and other complementary practices.

    Taoist sexual kung fu and qigong is the other main practice I have developed through. Many men here as about Tao and/or Tantra, one being the ancient Chinese system based on energies )Chi, as in Taichi for example( or prana in the Indian Tantra tradition.

    You might like to look at Mantak Chia's The MultiOrgasmic Man for the Taoist approach and mapping of the energies in your body/mind.

    David Ramsdale has a number of Tantra techniques books, including Red Hot Tantra.

    all the best with all of this


  2. PS See my latest blog entry regarding the range and ampping of the energies possibilities once you begin to connect with and experience them!

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