A first step

So I got the Progasm out to give it a try. I'd gotten a lot of advice, and read a lot of intros etc., so I felt I was as ready as reading could make me. Now it was time to get real.

First was prep. I used a bulb syringe to give my rectum a good wash, repeating until what came out was clean. And I made sure my nails were clean, trimmed and filed smooth.

Then it was time to loosen up the anus. This is pretty much new ground for me, and I got some good advice. I got some anal lube gel )I think it's Wilde Jelle, something like that( and started by massaging the outside of the anus. In a short time it relaxed, so I could put one fingertip in. I continued to massage, until I could get to the inner sphincter. It took about ten minutes, I guess, until I could get two fingers inside to the second knuckle and they were free to move and flex.

Then it was Progasm time.

I used a lube injector to put about 5cc of the anal lube inside. I shot it all in one place, which turned out to be a mistake. I should have drawn the injector out as I pressed the plunger, to distribute the lube better.

So I took the head of the Progasm and sort of nosed it around at the anus. It's pretty smooth, but it's firm and unyielding, so though its cross-section is smaller than my combined fingers, I clenched a bit as I tried to get it in. So I took my time, sort of nosing it in and alternating with using my fingers again. My position was as recommended in the instructions: On my left side, left leg nearly straight, right knee drawn up comfortably. It took a good fifteen minutes until I had the head in, and then it shot in pretty easily. I think it would have gone even more smoothly if I'd distributed the lube better.

I did put some lube on the Progasm itself, but I think that sort of scraped off where it first met me — the better lubrication was what I'd deposited before I inserted the toy.

So once I got the Progasm in and seated, it was a very filling sort of feeling. As I gently worked different muscles, I could feel it moving inside me and touching me in ways I'd not felt before. I enjoyed the contact of the P-tab. The K-tab was more subtle, and I don't know yet whether it adds much for me, but it wasn't uncomfortable.

After insertion, i found I preferred to lie on my back. Sometimes with knees up, sometimes not. In addition to trying the squeezing motions recommended in the instructions, i also found that different thrusting motions, or other hip motions, caused interesting feelings.

I also tried reorienting the Progasm. It felt very interesting; I spun it 180 degrees a number of times during the hour I spent with the device inserted.

I felt building excitement several times while I went hands-free. But I did in fact have limited time, and while I didn't want to try to pressure myself to a hands-free orgasm, I didn't want the adventure to end without a bang. So as my time ended, I went ahead and used normal methods to finish off, and was rewarded with a larger than usual orgasm.

So there are a few things I will try to change for next time. First, the room I was in was just a little cold; I'll have it warmer next time. Second, I will have some extra pillows on hand so I can support my legs in various positions. Third, I will likely wait until I have a little more time; I'd like very much to achieve a hands-free.

But I'm going to call last night a success. I'm very new to anal play and had some trepidation. It turned out to be sensual and fun, and the ending was happy. The great advice and instructions I got here let me avoid potential problems )cleaning, lube, patience(.

So thanks, Aneros. I'll be back. :(

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-first-step/


  1. You conducted and experienced a great first Progasm session!! Great meeting you in Chat here this afternoon!! We have quite a bit of background experience in common and it would/will be great to chat at length some time.

    You might find some of the posts in my blog here interesting or helpful. All the very best with your Aneros joureny. I sense you are a natural for all this, full spectrum energetics!!


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

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