Just joining

So my Progasm arrived yesterday. It looks pretty large, but not frighteningly so.

I'm a straight man, married, and very sex-positive. I've been jealous of my wife's multiorgasmic capabilities, and want to see if I can achieve the same either on my own or with her.

I'm inexperienced with anal play. I've had a couple prostate massages that ended in awfully strong orgasms, but I've found that it takes some skill to do that well )others have used fingers inside me and I've not found it pleasurable, usually too rough or jarring(. Since "if you want something done right, do it yourself" makes sense to me, I've decided to give Aneros a try.

So why did I get the Progasm, with so little experience? First, I think I have the temperament and patience to go slow, relax and take my time. Second, the description of that "fuller feeling" matches what I'd like. Third, it sounds as though for an inexperienced person, positioning is easier than with say the Helix. The larger size gives me pause, but as I said I expect to be able to be patient.

So why have I decided to blog this?

First, if I run into difficulties, I'm guessing I'll get some useful input via this mechanism. Second, I'm hoping that in a few months or more, a guy who's a total n00b like I am today, might get some encouragement.

And if my adventure isn't objectively successful, perhaps someone will get a useful caution out of my missteps.

Last night I was using another aid, a Fleshlight Pilot. I looked over at the Progasm sitting there and thought I'd like to be trying that now… but I didn't have a lot of time and the advice I've read indicates a rush isn't the way to spend your first session. Thus the session length indicator of 0 above.

So i expect to make another entry either tonight or tomorrow. :(

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  1. Well welcome to the Progasm club lol. It is fuller and it hits the spot really good. But like you said you are going to take it easy and to add to that just listen to your body. It will tell you when its ready and when it's not. Lastly just enjoy the new feelings that will come. Can't wait to read more.

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