Song of Men

I like men. Not just because I'm gay though. I like men's spirit, style, temperament, everything about men. I think we are completely good. That's my attitude. Born good and good deep down, always. Sometimes it's hard for me to see the good in particular men because of the way they've been hurt and the choices they've made as a consequence. I like everything about men and about who I am. I like men's essential innocence, even when being naughty. Men are so sexy, whatever their orientation. And so into sex. I like men's individuality, even when connecting to me. I like our bodies, our form factor, our robustness. I like our inquisitiveness, our inventiveness, our imagination. I like the tone of our voices, low and comforting, especially first thing in the morning. I fondly remember my father's voice in the morning, sweet and low. I like being with men, all kinds of men, playing, working, chatting. Gay men for me are at another level of closeness of course. And I like women too, I like their differences from men. They're so different!

Sometimes I picture the young boy in the man. I feel sorry for all the hurts most boys have to endure while maturing. I think we are deeply but unwittingly abused by our parents, our peers, our culture, more or less. I'm talking about the universal expectation that boys have to be a certain way or else they cannot become men like their fathers. I remember when my father stopped holding me, the coldness of that loss. And I like our resilience when we overcome these obstacles to our humanness.



  1. Wondrously Whitmanesque while naturally you and your powerful expressive language beautiful man!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I resonate with all you say, and thank you from my happy heart.

    As a young man who did experience some of the abuse you outline, yet who had the confidence to answer the call of his prostate, which even at 13-15 gave him life-changing and enhancing experiences, I can now celebrate joyously, as you have here, the wonders, aesthetics and powers of all men of all orientations as we discover and share our universal-love-based male multiple orgasmic ecstasies, solo, in person, or energetically at-a-distance via the world-wide web.

    Thank you so much again for your poetic flight!!


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  2. Truly, beautifully expressed, euph. So glad you are a part of this community. And, I'm happy that we have connected.

    Keep on being!


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