First real eupho ride.

2013-11-27 04:49:56] aneros_2010: Helix Syn here
[2013-11-27 04:50:28] WarrenGWonka: HELLO! Shake hands in there little buddy!
[2013-11-27 04:50:57] WarrenGWonka: Semi-erect, even with my ED
[2013-11-27 04:51:30] WarrenGWonka: more… hard. cool!
[2013-11-27 04:52:27] WarrenGWonka: Last time around, I just got to the poinr where I could tell it to switch sides, and it would
[2013-11-27 04:53:19] WarrenGWonka: gotta be careful it doesn't squirt out when I cough or change positions
[2013-11-27 04:53:22] aneros_2010: Good !
[2013-11-27 04:53:55] aneros_2010: On my side here too
[2013-11-27 04:54:00] WarrenGWonka: Still standing here by the bed. breath caught twice
[2013-11-27 04:54:49] WarrenGWonka: Last time was a long slope up. maybe fater. Gonna li down
[2013-11-27 04:55:02] WarrenGWonka: faster tonite
[2013-11-27 04:55:30] aneros_2010: Feeling nice already ?
[2013-11-27 04:55:33] WarrenGWonka: What's up, aneros?
[2013-11-27 04:55:44] Guest1: User <Guest1> left the chat room.
[2013-11-27 04:56:04] WarrenGWonka: yeah.
[2013-11-27 04:56:23] WarrenGWonka: really hard…unusual
[2013-11-27 04:57:21] aneros_2010: Great! Semi here
[2013-11-27 04:57:26] WarrenGWonka: doing notng and it isn't feeling like doing anything, …. unex-pected mkjni
[2013-11-27 04:57:49] aneros_2010: was riding Eupho and switched to Helix Syn 5 min ago
[2013-11-27 04:57:56] WarrenGWonka: lie down, lad shaky knees
[2013-11-27 04:58:25] aneros_2010: i do nothing mostly and get best results that way
[2013-11-27 05:01:02] aneros_2010: Great involuntary contractions…. Feels awesome
06:16:21] WarrenGWonka: Lordylordylordylordy! THANK YOU, little buddy!
[06:18:04] djblackknight: ‹@WarrenGWonka› That good huh?
[06:19:18] djblackknight: ‹@Michelangelo› welcome
[06:19:51] Michelangelo: ‹@djblackknight› Hello
[06:20:18] djblackknight: ‹@Michelangelo› what's new
[06:20:39] Michelangelo: ‹@djblackknight› not much, how are you?
[06:20:43] WarrenGWonka: JEEZ, DJ.
[06:21:32] WarrenGWonka: Nothing like that. Literally howling at the moon, smothering it.
[06:23:15] WarrenGWonka: Wow, Mike. woooow. SuperT
[06:24:04] WarrenGWonka: licking and sucking my fingertip … transferred the feelings to my glans… ooooooooooooo
[06:24:59] WarrenGWonka: Havent had my pipes cleared like that for a looong time.
[06:25:57] WarrenGWonka: Massive shot of endorphins …. had to get it out or have a really roe butt in the morning. May fall over into my keyboard.
[06:26:08] WarrenGWonka: sore butt
[06:27:44] WarrenGWonka: Rode from 5 to 6:15. Totally blissed and timeless for more than an hour.
[06:29:12] WarrenGWonka: Got up on my knees thrusting …. for the first time inyears, my leegs didn't cramp. My wife will love this.
[06:31:26] WarrenGWonka: The time it was ***ing me, on my back, I could feel a body on me. Someone I loved …
[06:32:41] fun1: User <fun1> entered the chat room.
[06:33:21] WarrenGWonka: Hi.
[06:33:43] WarrenGWonka: First real euphos syn ride
[06:33:52] fun1: hi
[06:34:33] fun1: eupho syn– that's a bit smaller than helix syn I think
[06:34:52] fun1: do you have others
[06:36:06] WarrenGWonka: Yeah. I've ridden that three timee. This is far subtler. While I could still think, I could think at it to move from one seide of the prostate to the other, and it would.
[06:36:57] WarrenGWonka: The helix is relativeiy solid in there. This is mobile.
[06:37:39] djblackknight: sounds like @ fun1
[06:37:47] WarrenGWonka: A longer and subler buildup. Had a surprise mini while I was still standing at the computer typing.
[06:38:15] WarrenGWonka: You wouldn't believe it, dj.
[06:38:47] djblackknight: I only have a week left
[06:40:15] djblackknight: ‹@fun1› sup
[06:40:53] WarrenGWonka [»] djblackknight: Cher: I was invited in when he was being ridden by it. sooooo gooddd in me. It felt like a lover was in me.
[06:41:23] WarrenGWonka: I could really get used to that.
[06:43:41] WarrenGWonka: ‹@fun1› It hasn't felt like that in 50 years.


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