Opening Up

Examining my sexuality has been a slow journey of discovery and exploration. I’ve cum to the conclusion I’m Hetero Open. Just like my Avatar description – Shy guy who gets loud, bold and kinky when aroused! Discussing my journey helps explain.

Finally opening up and admitting to myself I really liked ass play, forced me to re-examine my sexuality and prejudices. Very quickly the typical American hetero male sexual prejudices came crashing down. The realization: “It's my body and I can enjoy and take pleasure however and I like and what feels good.” was so liberating. During sex my wife and I really starting exploring what we liked. Much more touching of my body and especially nipple play for me! It added another dimension to our married sex life and a continuing urge to explore each other more and more.

Realizing how great Anal Pleasure is immediately changed my attitude towards gays. I was never anti, but never understood—or tried for that matter—the attraction or pleasure. Watching and jerking to lesbians, always thought, can picture man in there or they’re doing what a man could do. Guy-Guy, I didn’t ‘get.’ Few mind-blowing orgasms later I got it! Pissed off at my myopic self for not being more open and understanding or having the courage to explore my known true desires for a long time. We’re full sexual beings and pleasure can come from anywhere or one. With this newfound openness, I set out to see what I really am.

I am definitely Heterosexual. I love women! The curves, breasts, booty, vaginas, legs…. WOW! My type is very curvy hourglass figure with nice plump rump and big doe eyes. Seeing beautiful women always tugs at my loins and gets my heart pounding. Without thinking I realized all my loner sessions always start with thinking of my wife’s great body and viewing women.

All that said, once I started riding Aneros, I found myself watching videos and looking at pictures for inspiration and tips, and… to get turned on more. Watching other men experience extraordinary pleasure is a definite turn-on. As I watched, I also found myself not shirking from seeing cocks, analyzing and comparing, and even thinking a few were beautiful. I also had the ‘duh’ moment hetero porn has as much cock in it as Gay porn! Had blinders on all these years to ‘ignore’ the cock)s( in the room. Duh is right!

As I really started scaling Prostate pleasure heights, urge to share the experience overwhelmed me; especially after my first Super-O! I had to scream this new found joy from the digital mountaintops! Soon I was chatting as I rode. As I’ve blogged before, for me it focuses the mind and you can feel the energy flow between the chatters heightening the experience. Pretty quickly during these shared experiences my descriptions, and the responses, got very descriptive of how our bodies were reacting and ways to heighten the sensations.

Progasm really brought out the beast in me. Ever since I started riding the Progasm had a certain allure. It’s size and aggressive shape attracted me as both new challenge and thoughts of extreme pleasure. When I saw the beautiful ICE model in Adult store I immediately snapped it up! Took me ten minutes to get just the head inserted as it’s the largest object ever in me. Once the head was in the rest slid naturally in place and I was a orgasm machine for the rest of the night!

I can’t help but think as Progasm ICE rides me, what about something bigger, getting pegged by wife, or maybe even a cock to give me anal pleasure. As I chatted during early Progasm rides I found all my barriers had gone away. I was totally open to anything. I was—and still am!!—in extreme pleasure and wanted to share it with others. Not just prostate pleasure as I was with Helix rides, but total body pleasure. It wasn’t long until I was fully exploring my body and virtually others in chat! As I ride it feels totally natural to share, give, and receive from female or male. It’s such an experience it must be shared!

My chat fantasies always include my wife in them at least as observer and lots of times as participant helping two guys experience unimaginable pleasure. Also use the virtual power to imagine my chat partner and I fucking each other at the same time. Our cocks join together and we give both our bodies what they need. Maybe my wife’s pussy mingles with a male ass in enveloping my cock. Mmmm….

So there you have it! Hetero Open – Sexually attracted to women, but get bold, kinky, and loud when aroused and Open to anything!



  1. Varmint, thank-you for sharing your truth which has opened and freed you to receive all the pleasures of the Male Body. As a Gay Man, society had me convinced that the "Homosexual" was less a man than the "Heterosexual". My journey, in this life, has taught me that I am Man, first. Aneros, specifically Helix Syn has reconfirmed this theory as he travels to the core of my existence and requires continued exploration. You, Varmint have inspired my Helix experiences on many levels; once again thank-you. Am going to take your advice and add the Progasm Ice to my arsenal.
    Just a thought though; perhaps it is time to drop all labels and continue as Men who enjoy the Disneyland of the Human Body, in all its forms.
    In this very complex world one is able to escape to the pleasures of ones body without shame. And that, as they say is priceless. Happy Trails, Good Buddy.

  2. I applaud you for being so open and real with us all. As a gay male I love the fact that so many straight men find that common ground when it comes to sexual feeling and what turns us on. Your journey sounds like its just beginning and it sound very erotic and sexy as hell. Congrats man.

  3. I am forever grateful for everything I've learned in this experience! I'm forever changed for the better! Thank you all!

  4. Guys, Thanks for the comment.

    @Vermeer – You're right! More to go on my journey of opening up and becoming free!

  5. Really nice description of what you're going through, varmint! Hearing men moan in pleasure triggers something in me too. It's like our prostates can recognize another guy's pleasure and harmoanize together. I'm doing things that I never imagined too. This journey has taken several twists for me so far, I don't know what is in store for me. Enjoy your freedom!

  6. Thank you for expressing thoughts that many of us heterosexuals have, myself included.

  7. Dude, I understand well your descriptive journey to date. I'm in medicine and have seen and done a lot, clinically, in addition to 34 years of marriage with a well-maintained active sex life, and maybe 2-½ to 3 years of experimental heterosexual monogamous intimacy prior to getting married at 18. Never considered males as sexually attractive, until quite recently. Nipple and anally totally naive, and knowledgeable about the prostate and its function, but not as an independent source of pleasurable arousal. Now I can personally identify with someone of either sex and the manner in which they receive and perceive erotic stimulation. You talk about a tingle behind your scrotum and its movement to your dickhead, and I will probably feel and experience a bead or pearl of sweet precum part my cumslit and drool over my glans penis. I have no difficulty admitting to myself that whereas my actual experience with sexual intimacy in the flesh has been almost exclusively "straight," my fantasies now qualify my as bisexual, and probably "gay-intrigued."

    – rip

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