Interesting …

With my wife out shopping for a couple of hours, I thought it was a good time to take a brisk canter with my trusty steed.

Cleaned up, lubed, and inserted, only having the slippery dickens shoot out once this time. It only took a couple of minutes before my anal sphincter was nibbling at it by itself.

Tried the trick of telling it to move from one side of the prostate to the other, and having it obey without trying to do it by working the muscles. Feels good.

Gradual build-up of excitement, starting me flopping after about ten minutes. Rolled from side to back. Now it started riding me. into rolling super-O's letting it work its will on me. Onto my belly, I was thrusting wildly, with the sensation of being fucked by a sweet lover, with my sex undetermined. It felt like I had a pussy being loved. That's gooooddd.

Knowing that my would be coming home before too ling, I didn't let myself totally bliss out, but rolled onto my back, and enjoyed my ecstasy for a while. Then I noticed that it was no longer riding me, the orgasms were farther apart, my base level dropped from 7 to about 3, as I had noticed with the peridise on an earlier ride.

Today, since I was alone in the house, I was very vocal. Now I'm considering joining Brine and BigOluver with an mp3, "Howling at the Moon with WGW" when I get a chance to make it. (Where did my microphone go?) I was able to give a running commentary between peaks.

Now, to go for another, I had to nudge it into action with anal clenches. So, it looks like my natural period for a ride is about an hour and a half before coming down. Since I didn't want to be gorked out when my wife came home, I didn't finish off with my usual attempt at a Super-T.

Got everything cleaned up and was getting into my clothes just as I heard the garage door open.



  1. Sounds like your progressing so well man. Also would love to hear the commentary of another aneros lover who just loves to get off. Can't wait to hear it.

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