things to come?

Hopeful-MMO posed an interesting proposition, "If Every Man Had an Aneros". Here's my take:

men would discover a new world of bliss.

men would learn to understand and appreciate their bodies.

women would be grateful.

there would be more"wanted" babies as they got control of their sexuality.

families would be stronger, more loving, more sexual.

men would be less"productive" until they had explored themselves.

then they would find new ways to be productive, more meaningful ways.

straight men would be more understanding of gay and bisexual men, and some would be curious.

boys would grow up knowing about their bodies and learn not to be as competitive and aggressive.

gay men would be completely accepted.

new industries and culture would develop organically as the men understood what they really value and make it real.

the arts would flouris and be valued.

like the middle ages when troubadours brought the joys of romantic love to people who were under the yoke of religion and social obligations, a new kind of love would revolutionize the culture.

until then, the lizard brained elite would fight this trend as they see their profits and wars go away.

some of the elite would come over to our side and use their power to promote the new men.

many elite would fight back. they live off our fears and lusts that comes from the ancient lizard brain. they know how to manipulate us.

some of us would revert to the security of the old fears and lusts.

most would not.

babies and children would be better cared for and understood.

intuitive men would flourish and become more adept. they would be better understood and accepted.

new psychic abilities would emerge.

society would split into the new men and the old men. the new men would not be afraid of the old men but the old men would keep their distance and continue the old ways.

women would be inclined to favor the new men so they're offspring would increase.

the elite would use every dirty trick to stop the new men. I'd rather not think about what.

the new people would live more in the present and their lives would be enriched.

there would be less need for medication especially psychiatric, as people became more grounded.

some religions would fight this trend because of the sexual freedom. others would be enriched.

gay men would be more loving and less risk-taking. long-lasting multiple relationships would develop. same with the non-gay folks.

connections to others would be the most important thing as men reestablish connections to our real selves.



  1. Wonderful, and this kind of projection of the experiences and values engendered by our practices and community connections here has happened before too Euph, and marvelous that you feel it too!!

    In earlier days in this kind of conversation, I said all diplomats must be Anerosian Adepts and be in LESS sessions when they are negotiating anything!!

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