Silly Me

So I thought I could just type out a blog entry about my sexual experiences and share it with untold strangers on the Internet without my newly awakened prostate taking notice. I thought I was about to go to bed, but other forces were at work with their own agenda.

I had started swaying side to side as I sat and typed that first blog entry at my computer desk. The swaying got more pleasurable and relaxing by the time I was finishing. I was smiling, laughing a little as I realized the pleasure. It continued to build. Light tingling started to encompass more of my body as I sat there. I leaned back further and extended my legs as I was starting to go on auto-pilot, letting the sensations build. I started to realize I couldn't just sit here so I made it to bed, but there was no rest for me there. Nervous energy continued to dominate my body.

I was still dressed in the clothes I intended to go to bed in on a cold winter's night. That didn't stop my body having it's needs met. It didn't care if something was in contact with it's penis or not. It was calling the shots.

I hadn't had many involuntary movements during the session that preceded this. That was about to change. I stimulated my nipples periodically as I lay flat on my bed. I let the nervous energy move my legs and pelvis however it willed. The sexual energy I was feeling pretty much continued for the entire hour and a half session. I rode it as far as it wanted. Twitching around at times, pelvis making occasional thrusts forward; scrunched up in a fetal position to see how that felt; sometimes just lying there hugging myself and crossing my legs at the ankles. It was heavenly.

It seemed that my body just wouldn't stop producing pleasure from the muscle contractions I would initiate in my pelvic area. I've never had such sustained raw sexual pleasure in my life. I can't wait for the rest of the journey. I'll get some sleep one of the these days.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful, vandelay! Because it is very similar to my Aneros experience of close to nineteen months! Now there is a persistence springiness in my musculature in my loins and groin, suffused by vibrant sexual energy engendered by the Aneros!

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