Trying to Lose Control

I had already started trying to use less nipple stimulation in my session and wanted to discover a new aspect to Aneros pleasure. I don't know to what extent different men use their nipples in conjunction with the Aneros. I may be on one end of the spectrum in how I have tended to rely on my nipples to build up and sustain a Super O. I sometimes sneak a quick nipple rub in at work or while driving to feel a little pleasure on the side. It doesn't take very long and it has grown in intensity from where I started.

I've held off longer or not even used my nipples at all a few times in the last few sessions. I can't say my dry O's are as strong or that I've reached an all out Super O, but it's definitely a different experience. The first time I reached a hands and nipples free dry O a few days ago I was left alternating between moaning and laughing. I was having sustained muscle movements from the Aneros for the first time and it was driving the orgasm. I actually had the Peridise in for this session and it turns out that I was laying on my side which is not common for me. I'm usually on my back.

I definitely want to see where things go with getting more automatic response going from the Aneros. My experience so far has been that I have a much more full body experience without the nipples in play. Using the Aneros with nipple stimulation is a step removed from traditional penis stimulation, and taking the nipples out of the equation seems to be one more step away from localization.

Whenever I've put the Helix or Peridise in I get a sudden but somewhat vague sense of pleasure. This has been the case for a while. There's a certain "haze" that forms in my mind along with a vague sense of pleasure in my pelvis area. The day at work before the evening where I had my first nipples-free dry O, this haze took over me for the last few hours of work as I sat at my desk. I had nothing in as I was at work. I just reached a pleasurable state from my body and mind.

The buildup to a mini-O or dry-O takes longer without the nipples. Like I said it seems more body wide. This is not just in the orgasm, but the buildup. There's only short times of localized sensation from p-waves or in my penis. The haze in my head that I talked about is really strong during the buildup. I have to try not to "do something" about it when I find myself in this haze. I just sort of "swim in it" and ride it where it goes. During this morning's session I thought of decent analogy for what was going on. It was sort of like mixing color into a paint can. I was getting "swirled up" in the "paint" of my mind.

I've always relished the times when relaxation takes hold from my Aneros use. I think the title of my blog fits this mindset well. This body wide reaction I've felt when not using my nipples has strengthened the relaxation feelings I've had. It seems sort of paradoxical to say, though. I'll just have to see how far into this paradox I can go.