first two weeks

hi everyone. i'm new to using a prostate massager and i'm in my early twenties. i've used it a couple of times but i'm not sure if i'm using it right or if its just me. the longest session i've had was maybe an hour long, but i couldn't refrain from touching myself. in the end i always climax after masturbating to a good fantasy. should i be already aroused when i insert my helix? i usually prep before insertion and then i start making myself aroused. it helps when i pull the helix back using the tail, so that the helix pushes against my prostate. is that normal? also i've tried some of the various positions that people have offered and so far the best one for me is to just lay back and squeeze my legs and butt together so that my helix feels fuller. then i start thrusting my hips upward while clenching on the helix and sometimes i alternate by circling my hips against the bed. any thoughts? i'm just curious about the whole thing. what i do know though is that my orgasms have been amazing after ejaculation. it just feels great to have that pressure against my prostate.

btw, i was wondering if there are any (new) users in my age range that can share their tips and experiences with me. i'll welcome all comments but since i guess i'm kind of a younger user i can relate better with someone around my age.