2 nights ago/yesterday morning

so two nights ago I decided to sleep with my helix syn. before i took a shower and prepped for my session I actually chatted with a few people on the Chat feature of this site. I was grateful to encounter a man who helped me with some of my questions. I owe him a big "thank you". if you ever read this sir, "Thank you very much".

on to my session. I cleaned myself up and and prepped as usual. I went to bed afterwards and began my session with a some deep and short breaths, changing the rhythm of how my helix syn was nudging my prostate. it felt amazing. as i learned earlier from that day i needed to become more patient with my body and learn how to control my breaths and urges of touching myself to climax. that continued for possibly thirty minutes before i grew tired and slept the night.

i woke up early in the morning and felt the urge to start another session as it was already in my bum. reading some erotica helped spur the excitement i was feeling as i spent close to forty minutes begging for more. with a variation of breaths, clenching, and positions I was feeling even better when i decided to touch around myself. possibly overwhelmed by the feeling or tired from my early rise i ended up falling asleep.

which leads to my last burst, twenty minutes later, when i woke up and was missing that feeling once again. this time i couldn't hold myself together for another patient, calm session so i did what i normally do to arrive at my euphoric state which was to jack off. i built a good feeling of want and begging, that by the time i was done i was lost in all the pleasure i felt around me.

so that's basically what happened and i'm looking forward to better ones in the future.

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