A chat with the guys/ sexual fantasies

So i recently got off of a chat with several guys in it and I really enjoyed talking to them. Granted I ended up talking more explicitly about the things i think about when i get myself aroused and such, but overall i was happy to know that i wasn't feeling any judgement. I told them how i fantasized about guys and girls and they were cool with it. That then led to a story i shared with them but you guys wouldn't want to hear that would you?

So looking back at it, how great are our imaginations and fantasies when it comes to masturbation and feeling aroused? I've been told that I have a vivid imagination. I forget who said it in the chat room but if you remember who you are, kudos to you. I would say that my imagination comes from frustration, exploration, and obviously lust. The things i can think about are almost limitless, but i'm pretty sure there are many guys out there who can do the same. I shared to the guys that my frequent encounters with porn were not as satisfying as they used to be, only a few months ago may I add. Visual stimulation was great and all but to imagine that feeling and sensation using your mind is so much better. I feel much more emotionally, physically, mentally, and sexually satisfied than if i wanked to a video of some stranger(s) banging another stranger(s).

My point is when it comes down to pleasuring yourself, especially with a crowd like this one who most likely uses an Aneros product to stimulate their prostate during an aroused state of bliss, why settle with cheap imitation visuals and audio when you can have the real deal in your head. You can control the touch, the voice, the sounds, and ,trust me, feel the sensation of actually feeling fucked if you work at it. Obviously there are two big arguments to my claim. 1, just get the physical act itself and it'll be worth it. 2, porn is a lot easier to access than to rummage through your brain for a great set up. But let's be honest, why are we using our Aneros products in the first place?

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