My Nipples

I was recently chatting with a friend here about my own MMO experience and the much sought after achievement of rewiring. My experience has been that it took three interrelated practices or skills for me to achieve the pleasure of MMO or Super O.

First was relaxation, or letting go of my daily worries, distractions and tension. Second was the development of mind / body awareness and mind / body control. The third and most fun aspect was learning to make love to myself. I am not talking about locking myself in the bathroom and sitting on the toilet seat and tugging feverishly on my cock untill it stiffens and regurgitates milky cum into a wadded up tissue or my palm. When I say making love to myself I mean setting the stage for an erotic experience just as I would with my wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or guy partner; as weird as it might seem this means lighting candles or having dim lights, soft music and maybe favorite scents.

Making love to myself is harder to do at home for me, so I tend to do it on the road when I travel for work. I always allow and extra half day on either end of the trip to take the opportunity to sex myself up and drift into that sensual state of erotic delirium in which chains of sweet orgasms find me and twist my body in exquisite ecstasy. I will say however that when I am home it’s an entirely different approach and mindset as I use my wife’s derriere to launch. The best comparison I can offer to having her caress my erect cockhead between her cheeks is a turbo boost on a car or an afterburner on a jet. The act of nestling my hypersensitive swollen cockhead in her warm ass crease thrusts me whether I am relaxed or not headlong into waves of sheer ecstatic convulsions. The slow and relaxed launching on my own is a very different experience however. Neither is better or worse they are just different.

I am a frequent traveler with the Hilton Chain so a free room upgrade is frequently possible. Many times those rooms have a large tub or Jacuzzi which I gladly use. I will remove the blankets so that the bed is bare and cover the hotel sheets with my own bed covering that I bring. I use a satin sheet that is a cream colored very slinky fabric it feels amazingly sexy on my rigid cock. Lately I have not used candles but I do use a small halogen lamp as a night light. I will turn off all light in the room except for that one, which I place of the nightstand next to the bed. I direct it at my cock. The image I am feeding to my exhibitionist mind is that of a stage. In my mind I envision a room full of women watching me and possibly dropping their pants to masturbate as they watch me make love to myself.

I then do my typical relaxation regimen involving deep breathing and focused muscle release. Then in an almost performance – like mind set I begin to feel myself up and tease myself to arousal as I am playing out various lurid erotic scenarios in my head involving women in the audience participating in various ways. I stroke my belly button, cock, inner thighs, part my legs and tease my anus and breathe deeply as I narrate the sensations I am feeling. This process will, I if I do it well, always launch me into a deep and intensely pleasurable series of pleasure waves culminating in relentless rhythmic pulsing orgasmic spasms.

One of the things that I should mention though is that my nipples have played a larger and larger role in making love to myself, my MMO experience and my overall sex life. J has even noticed that my nipples themselves have changed in the last few years. They have gotten darker, they erect harder and the protruding parts of my nipples have gotten longer. I can honestly say that they are as sensitive to erotic stimulation now as my frenular cleft is. I use my nipples in almost every sexual activity I do and each context yields different results. They are also hotwired directly to my prostate, stimulating my nipples causes my prostate to pulse in sweet orgasmic agony.

When I am in the solo making love to myself modality, I will tease my nipples slowly and tenderly. I save them for last in the lead up to launch because once I begin to apply pressure to them and toggle them back and forth; they will slingshot me right into desperate prostate spasms. I like to be at the apogee of arousal when I do that. Then once the spasms have started and I am in orgasmic trajectory, I back off and just apply steady pressure to them without moving my fingers. Then as the MMO is clenching and releasing my prostate and milking juicy precum orgasms from me I will toggle my left nipple only a few times to boost the orgasms. I have found that in my own response constant friction on my nipples is too much of a distraction from my prostate sensation, distracting me from the pleasure and dampening the convulsive spasms of my prostate.

When I launch in my wife’s derriere, I don’t touch my nipple until I am well into the session. For me the longer I sustain the orgasmic spasms the more pleasurable they successively grow to be. I will )and this can be difficult( struggle to relax my anal contractions and prostatic pumping during a hard orgasm and bottle up that sexual energy in my anal tract. Then when my anus is quivering desperately to spasm and the orgasm is trembling and vibrating inside of me in its desperation to release itself, I will toggle my nipple. The reaction is like pouring gasoline on a campfire. I literally explode into a series of gripping squeezing orgasms that consume my entire body.

One of the other ways my nipples have become a significant part of my sex life is with J.

We say that we make love but I will admit that making love for us does not always mean penis in vagina sex. From our earliest years together bringing each other off in the most slow and pleasurable way has been more than 50% of our intimate interchange. For her the orgasms that she gets from G spot massage with my finger simultaneous to oral attention on her clit with intermittent nipple sucking are the most powerful orgasms she has.

Learning to became a passive receiver of pleasure was the biggest adjustment I had to make in my new sexual response paradigm. The way we did this was she would feel me up while I lay on my back, breathing slowly. She would narrate all kinds of erotic things to me as she manipulated all parts of me and kissed them, being careful not to make me cum. The icing on the cake was always suckling my left nipple. She would nip it suck it, massage it with her tongue, toggle it with her tongue and tug on it. I would lay there passively with precum drooling from my stiff prick. It is a very profound and bonding thing for us that we still do until this day.

But for me when the goal is for me to cum, having her doing cock massage, intermittently sucking on my balls and cockhead is such a turn on for me that I think I prefer it to P in V sex. However when she wants to ramp up my arousal without making me cum, all she needs to do is insert a finger in my anus and suck my left nipple; my free standing cock will dance a jig and twitch like mad in time to the rhythmic dry pumping of my prostate. The trigger that she has learned that will cause me to hurl thick ropes of cum high into the air when I am at peak arousal is she will pinch my left nipple hard between her thumb and index finger and kiss me long and hard. I cannot retain my cum when she kisses me, I am helpless. Her warm soft lips on mine cause me to lose control. The orgasm changes from dry to wet as I feel a thick wad of creamy cum well up inside me and slowly work its way to the tip of my cock leaving a trail of elegant anguish behind it.

For 40 years of making love, her lips on my lips, cock and balls are the softest most erotic tool she has in her bag of sexy tricks. When she shifts her lips to my nipples as I am starting to ejaculate her suckling mouth tugging on my rigid nubs will amplify the pleasure tenfold..

Nipples are amazing things. Mine have become so versatile and discriminately responsive to each experience I have …I am amazed myself. They are truly powerful.