An EMail Never Sent

It has been a while since I have emailed; couple that with the fact that it has also been several days since I have MMOed. My desire is at a fevered pitch. I have been so very busy with work eroticism was forced to the recesses of my mind until there is a lull and then it flares like a blast furnace. When it does erotic thoughts of our anticipated meeting teased my consciousness and tantalized my penis. Guilt has tried to keep my thoughts at bay but moral correctness cannot overpower arousal, desire is a very powerful adversary.

Then last night we chatted and you admitted to me that you think of us being together as the Aneros is inside you unlocking the doors to excruciating pleasure deep in your anus. It is the same with me; as I envisioned us in a steamy embrace cock to cock swimming in the mutual experience of blissful orgasms, my cock started getting hard.

We have chatted about the naked pictures we have sent of each other. The act of exposing my naked arousal to you in pictures transforms my penis into a cock; it gets heavy and stiff with lust. Ultimately the thought of me sharing the vulnerable and erotically embarrassing reality of taking that step beyond virtual nudity and being physical intimate with you made me even hotter. The thought of your eyes scanning my naked body as we stand in from of each other turned my cock into a hot heavy stone. That has been the lingering thought in my mind.

Prostate Massage and Hand Job

Last weekend was the first “down time” weekend in our house in several weeks. The relaxed time paved the way for some together time watching TV and cuddling on Saturday night. That kind of contact in a relaxed environment always translates to intimacy in bed later in the evening. By 10 PM there was no doubt that when we both got in bed later that night, sex was in the offing. I am lucky in that J relishes exploratory foreplay and extended intimate tantalizing.

So on Saturday night with candles burning and the bed turned down with both of us naked, kissing the tender cuddling turned decidedly sexual in a relatively short time. It started with her taking my soft nipple in the tender grip of her lips. She drew my softened teat into her mouth, pinching it between her lips and flicking it assertively with her tongue. My dark pink nub hardened to the taunting prodding of her tongue. When my nipple was throbbing, tingling and hard it rigidly protruded begging for more stimulation. She released her pinching clasp and drew my entire nipple into her mouth, firmly stroking it with her tongue as she kept a gentle tugging suction on it. Jolts of erotic pleasure shot directly from my nipple to my prostate. Since rewiring there is a hot wire connection between the two. The erotic shock made my prostate harden and begin to throb. With my nipple and prostate throbbing in arousal my cock was warmed and awakened to join in the glowing chorus; it stiffened and lengthened as I closed my eyes and surrendered, suckling her and sliding into a nipple induced erotic stupor.

Dream, Fantasy and MMO

There are certain things that just go together, like milk and cookies, beer and pretzels, baseball and peanuts and movies and popcorn. Beyond food there are also things that elegantly complement experiences in my life.

The matching of the complement and the activity makes the experience seem even more enjoyable. While the food related examples are ones that I have certainly enjoyed, there are some emotional / sensual ones that also resonate with me. Examples are sitting by the warm crackling glow of a fire while camping in the black of night, enjoying the flickering golden hued intimacy of candles surrounding a hot tub or remaining in relaxed sleep in bed with the windows open on a warm summer morning while grey sky dims the sunrise and soft rain patters on a roof or window.

Beyond food and sensual life experiences there are several sexual ones that also affect me in profound ways. One of the sexual ones for me would be savoring the sensual eroticism of humping J's hot pussy as it sucks on my cockhead while she grinds her pubis on mine in a sinuous dance of erotic abandon. This visceral sexual experience is complemented by candles making sinuous shadows around the bed as we fuck. Or it could be soft music and scented candles in a dimly lit room creating a relaxed sense of sensual privacy while my oiled hands explore her body and stroke her intimate places in erotic massage that culminates in her having a shuddering orgasm. This marriage of mood and experience is perhaps one of the most magical aspects of my sensual and sexual life and experience of pleasure.

The Challenges of Being a Hypersexual Man

Sometimes I pinch myself to check that my life is real. I feel so lucky that I have this ability to experience extreme seemingly relentless pleasure that I do. Yet other times I wonder why I do this to myself, suffering the agonizing yet ecstatic ache of intense arousal all the time. Yesterday I had a very very sexy chat with a female friend on line. It was the kind of detailed intimate discussion of female anatomy and sexual response that I have never had with any woman. It made me realize that this journey of 20 years of sexual discovery and 10 years with Aneros has transformed me. I now have intimate friends in addition to the ability to have ultra orgasms. My sexual life is a defining part of my personality and who I am; it is a complex and wonderful puzzle.

At five o’clock this morning I awoke with my entire pelvis and anal tract tingling for an MMO session as it often is at that hour. The extreme nature of the desire was probably a result of the fact that I have been so busy for the last few days and really haven’t had the time or energy to do a decent session. The session this morning then understandable intense and very powerful; for 90 minutes my anal tract, cock and prostate where pumping in an erotic symphony causing my cock to drool puddles of pre cum and prostatic fluid. I was so turned on after it was done that I was inspired to come downstairs to work on my erotic writing. I keep adding new elements to my book that are fantasies that settle on me as I am MMOing.

Suspended Between a Man and a Woman and Reality and Fantasy

The well spring of my sexual response flows both from the depths of my aroused mind, from deep in my anal canal and under the base of my cock inside my groin; the desire that inspires those responses is a result of real time visions, recalled images, personal intimate memories and imagined fantasies. My desire and response are fickle. Orgasm may choose many different paths as it exerts its power over my body. The mental images may be a memory of a friends erect penis in my mouth or J’s sodden – hot vagina sheathing my own cock and sucking it lasciviously or it may be of my cockhead rubbing against a cockhead, oozing my precum on him as I straddle him and hump him to ejaculation. In the peak of MMO it is often the image of me frotting a guys cock until we both ejaculate on each other that inflames my MMOs to incendiary levels. All of these images will indeed cloak my mind in eros, stiffen my cock and make my anus twitch hungrily.

In the tempest of MMO I often fantasize about the extreme possibilities such as being vulgarly penetrated by a long hard cock; as orgasmic rapture clouds my mind I imagine I am being fucked by a handsome younger man. My mind is often filled with all kinds of lascivious thoughts as my prostate pulses and my anus flexes in anguished euphoria. The paths my sexual ecstasy chooses to expresses itself inside me is one of the wonders of my sexuality. Each sexual journey is a mysterious event that leaves me wondering when I will settle down and be “normal”.

Prostate Massage Orgasm

As the dimensions of my sexual response are intertwining and evolving I find myself thinking a lot about the nature of my sexual pleasure. So it was earlier this week on my drive home that I had plenty of time to ponder on the complexity of my experience of erotic bliss. The inspiration was an intimate liaison I had the night before.

As a guy I am biologically programmed to see erotic pleasure as an external thing. My psyche is hard wired to experience pleasure as a joined visual and physical event; in both visual and physical perspectives my sexual pleasure is experienced predominantly through my cock. The sight of J alluringly nude, or a guy with an erection illicits an immediate physical response; my cock hardens and lengthens and the welcomed erotically warm desperate itch of arousal caresses my cock and tugs on it. As arousal tugs on my cock it fills it with the tingling urge to cum; visual pleasure evokes physical pleasure. That physical pleasure is centered pretty much on my cock. When I fuck, or when my cock is being massaged or sucked my pleasure from orgasm is generally focused on ejaculation whether it is in the caress of warm wet pussy or a sucking mouth.

Memory of Frotting

It took me until my 60th year to come to grips with my bisexuality. It was always lurking just below the surface but it took until I was sexually confident and wise enough to let my demon out of its box. In all the tests I have self administered on line, I come out 70 – 30; seventy percent hetero sexual and thirty percent homosexual. I find it elegantly erotic that I can be aroused by a man or a woman or even myself with no one.

While I have shared the exquisite erotic sexual pleasure of women for most of my life, I have also recently come to enjoy the exquisite intimacy of sharing pleasure with men, first on line then in person. The on line experience hardened my cock as I exposed my most secret forbidden urges to men on line in chat and eventually in real time on camera. As we exchanged mutual mental and visual images of lurid desires and homoerotic lust our cocks grew hard in our separate silent spaces. Expressing things that we could never say in person or look each other in the eyes as we said them, sharing fantasies, safely separated by distance and media provoked our cocks to harden and eventually to erupt for each other’s visual enjoyment. Some of the stimulation to ejaculate was visual but I venture a guess that much of the reason for my hot eruption of cum was the admission of vulgar desire and the raw male beauty of his sexual arousal. Seeing his rigid cock pumping ropes of cum inspired my own cascade of hot semen.

Sixty Nine

Every couple has a repertoire of sex acts. Like favorite meals it is easy to fall into a rut. I love Chinese food, Italian and Thai; I eat them whenever I travel and want to indulge myself. However, even though I don’t particularly care for steak, every once in a while it has a mouthwatering appeal to me. When that happens I will buy an over the top cut of beef and put it on the barbeque with a favorite rub and some barbeque sauce and go to town with an ice cold beer and some potato salad.

After 45 years of intimacy we know each others sexual preferences, orgasmic responses and erotic anatomy very well. Getting into bed aroused has become an opportunity to choose from the “chinese menu” of sex for the best way to expand erotic pleasure and get each other to an orgasmic conclusion quickly yielding a maximum flow of cum and quaking torsos.

Sixty nine is one of those sex acts that is “on our menu” of preferred acts. I must admit that it is me that took it off our sexual menu years ago because having her sucking my erect penis distracts me from giving her open dewey pussy mouth the orgasmic pleasure I would like to. I love making her cum and I can’t pay attention to the intricate responses of her pussy when the warm sucking of her mouth on my cockhead enshrouds my mind in orgasmic rapture.
I love the effect of long slow licks on her pink flower cause it to drip, bloom and open. As her arousal escalates her vagina opens, her pussy lips thicken and darken and glisten with her honey.

A Long Held Secret

Last night I did what can only be characterized as an “off the wall” intense A Less session. It started with my cock being docked in my wife’s derriere. The anal contractions and subsequent internal pleasure spasms began a few minutes after I was firmly buried deep in her crack leaving a slimy ooze to be absorbed by her tender anal opening. Usually I can lay still and continue them as to not disturb her. Sometimes she wakes and acknowledges me and sometimes not. Last night however, the pleasure was so intense it was really hard to be still. Moreover my cock was twitching with each anal contraction. I was sure I was going to wake her.

With my newly discovered technique I decided to forego the erotic stimulation of her cheeks and anal opening caressing my cock and lie on my back using the new technique to carry the orgasms forward. This technique is described in the entry that is two before this one, but for those who have not read it yet I do sulcus (cock cleft) massage as I tease my left nipple. Last night as always the technique induced very different sensations than other things I do to trigger MMO’s A Less. The contractions are deep and internal causing less anal flexing and more hard deep pleasure in my anal canal.

Tempo and Masturbation

As a young boy discovering the pleasure of ejaculation I tugged at my cock incessantly. It felt so good for that fraction of a second and it expanded my mental erotic state to such a degree that it was almost impossible not to do it; so I did. The repeated sessions were my attempt to experience a sustained state of pleasure. I know now that I was pursuing an unachievable goal with the tools I had. It has only been in the last ten years of my life that I finally have reached my goal of experiencing extended orgasm. It came as a result of rewiring.

With rewiring and mmo capability came not only sustained orgasm without ejaculation but also greater precum flow and much thicker and copious volume of semen in ejaculations. My cum volume increased significantly and it became creamier with an ivory color to it. I became totally fascinated watching my cum eruptions.

Beyond the physical enhancement came deep psychological changes including a greater appreciation of sexual pleasure, sensuality, and erotic beauty of men and women. However as my sexuality deepened I preferred to have J masturbate me rather than doing it myself. Having her induce my ejaculations and having her watch me hurl ropes of cum in fascination became a huge turn on for me and made me cum harder. Not only did my ejaculations change but I became more patient in achieving them. I no longer saw ejaculation as a goal it became a side effect. I came to embrace sexual desire not as a source of frustration but as a state of heightened sensual awareness; a state of mind to be savored and appreciated. I learned to view the sensual world around me through the erotic lens of intense arousal.