A Long Held Secret

Last night I did what can only be characterized as an “off the wall” intense A Less session. It started with my cock being docked in my wife’s derriere. The anal contractions and subsequent internal pleasure spasms began a few minutes after I was firmly buried deep in her crack leaving a slimy ooze to be absorbed by her tender anal opening. Usually I can lay still and continue them as to not disturb her. Sometimes she wakes and acknowledges me and sometimes not. Last night however, the pleasure was so intense it was really hard to be still. Moreover my cock was twitching with each anal contraction. I was sure I was going to wake her.

With my newly discovered technique I decided to forego the erotic stimulation of her cheeks and anal opening caressing my cock and lie on my back using the new technique to carry the orgasms forward. This technique is described in the entry that is two before this one, but for those who have not read it yet I do sulcus (cock cleft) massage as I tease my left nipple. Last night as always the technique induced very different sensations than other things I do to trigger MMO’s A Less. The contractions are deep and internal causing less anal flexing and more hard deep pleasure in my anal canal.

The reason the MMO’s in J’s derriere were so blissful and the reason I was able to transfer the orgasms to solitary driven ones was the erotic memories I was having. The thoughts that were so erotic that they fueled this exemplary session and its riveting pleasure were memories of my first orgasm and an event that followed that orgasm many years later, 7 years ago.

I have told the story of my first orgasm in one these entries way back. I will retell it as it is important to have it in mind as I describe the event of 40 years later. I was totally clueless about ejaculation when I was 13 years old; at 13 I had heard something to the effect that a guy squirted something to make babies but no one ever told me it felt good and I was never told or shown how to make it happen.

In the fall of 1964, there was a day off of school; all NYC schools were closed, so I was home and bored. In the interest of doing something I walked to my cousin’s house two blocks away to retrieve my bicycle and go for a ride. I kept my bike at their house as there was no place for me to keep it in my apartment. I was pleasantly surprised to find my cousin home as she was off of school as well. My cousin was actually a distant cousin, but in my extended family she was always treated as a direct cousin. She was actually the granddaughter of my grandmother’s brother. I will call her S. S was tall (5’10”) dark haired and willowy with proportionately graceful tits and lovely curvy hips and ass. She was 3 years older than me at 16. I found her loading laundry in their semi finished basement. She greeted me with a pleasantly surprised hi as I entered to get my bike. Always in the mood to chat with her I forgot about my bike and I flopped down on an old couch on the other side of the room and began to converse about a family member that was a favorite of both of ours. When she was finished loading the laundry she came over and sat next to me to continue the conversation. I had always had a deep affection for her. As I approached puberty that affection became lust tempered with adoration. She made my young cock hard every time I was with her.

The chatter meandered all over the place in topic eventually winding up on sex probably because she noticed my erection as I think back on it now. Looking back on it I think it wasn’t quite as accidental of a topic to wind up on as I initially thought. It didn’t take long for me to admit that I knew very little about sex and actually never had experienced this squirting that I was told about nor did I know how to make it happen. Surprised, she responded with a very matter of fact “do you want me to show you”.. She was and still is a sultry beauty with dark hair and dark eyes and a svelte figure. The prospect of anything sexual with her got my cock beyond hard immediately. I breathlessly said yes .

She then suggested that we both take our clothes off. I knew there was no one home so I somewhat embarrassedly began to get undressed as I watched her remove her clothes. I watched intently as she got down to her bra and panties. As she slid her panties off to reveal a beautiful tuft of jet black pubic hair almost came immediately. That was the first time I saw a vagina in person. Then when she unhooked her bra to let her tits hang free I was hypnotized. Her tits set the standard for me for the rest of my life as perfection. They were (I later found out) 36C with large well formed nipples that sat on top of two perfect teardrop shaped pendulous orbs. My cock lurched and the telltale buzz of leaking precum reverberated in the core of my cock as a huge drop of precum collected at my cock slit.

My cock was erect as stood there naked. It was not the 8.5” it is now but it was close; I am (and was) tall so my cock has always been proportional. She was impressed and noted her approval with a wink and a smile as she looked at my young prong. I think my proportion at that young age surprised and pleased her. She asked me to lie down on my back, which I obediently did, causing my cock to flop down on my belly. I can still remember the feeling of her nude thigh resting against mine as she sat next to me. The thrill of that was immediately followed by the feeling of her hand wrapping around my rigid shaft and squeezing it causing a flow of precum to ooze from my slit. Rubbing the precum over my cock head she began to roll my knob around in her palm. It literally didn’t take more than a minute for me to have my first ejaculation. The exquisite sensation of her palm firmly holding my cockhead as my cock pumped hard and filled her palm with my cum was accompanied by explosions inside my head. I was nonplussed how easy and fast it was telling her how fucking good it felt. I told her enthusiastically as if I was the first man to ever ejaculate.

She giggled and smiled expressing pleasure at my discovery. She got up and got a towel from the laundry and handed it to me. I wiped myself up. To my amazement she lost no time and with no explanation leaned over my groin and grasped the base of my cock holding my again firm erection pointing at her mouth. Then with a swift and unhesitating movement wrapped her lips around my cockhead and began to suck and stroke the underside of my cockhead with her tongue. Despite my best attempt to resist having a release I did. With her hands on my ass cheeks and mine on the sides of her head I released a steaming stream of hot cum in her mouth. The wet heat of her sucking mouth forced the ejaculation to be a thoroughly hard one that literally emptied my balls, or so I thought. That second orgasm by mouth was followed by three more by mouth over the next 90 minutes. By the fifth one my young untested balls ached and throbbed mercilessly.

With a devil may care attitude she leaned back on the couch spread her legs and said “do me now”. She held my face in her hands and guided my mouth and tongue over the wetted furry landscape of her vulva eventually holding my mouth over her pussy lips and clit instructing me on exactly what to do, how and when to lick and suck. She came twice as I performed awkwardly at best. However, I was hooked. That was my introduction to cunnilingus.

I distinctly remember the fluffy down on her pussy and her delicate inner lips. Beyond the sexy appearance was her scent and her taste. At the start of my licking her taste and scent was neither distasteful nor appealing. However as I worked on her I remember her scent and taste drove me wild. Now I know that her arousal and elevated response changed her chemistry. When she came my young penis got so hard despite all the times I had already cum. She made a last valiant attempt to make me ejaculate but I couldn’t.

We never spoke of that day as I got older but we always gave each other knowing glances after long absences. I had a special relationship with her from that day on. We stayed close over the years talking on the phone frequently as she moved out to California in 1973. I visited her with my family several times in the mid 80’s.

In January 2009 she called me and told me that her high school reunion in NYC was going to be in June that year. It was the high school in our old neighborhood. As she was single she had no one that was interested in coming east with her and she knew no one back in NYC, so she asked me if I would be her date. I hadn’t been back to the old neighborhood in years, so I agreed.

It is worth noting that she never married and she has always been an avid outdoors woman. She also is a well seasoned tennis player and bicyclist. The outfall of her life style is that at 68 (which she was in 2009) she had the body of a mid forty year old woman. She was still sexy as hell. So it was when I picked her up at the airport after not having seen her for 7 years I was stunned when I saw how beautiful she still was. She was the epitome of a California girl even at 68.

The reunion the next day was disappointing as most reunions are, so we danced a lot and spent more time together than either of us expected we would. I thought I would hardly spend any time with her that night but as it turned out it was just the opposite. We were inseparable.

So it was when we went back to our hotel we continued our celebration in the bar of the hotel and into the elevator up to our adjacent (connected rooms). When we got to the rooms she kissed me on the lips slow before she went into her room. I retreated into mine and took a shower. I was exhausted so I turned in as soon as I got out of the shower. Just as I was falling asleep there was a light knock on the door between our rooms. I got scared and jumped up to open it and find her standing in a robe looking sheepish.

Before I could ask what was wrong she quickly stepped into my room and kissed me hard. As she kissed me she grabbed my hand and directed it to the part in her robe and pushing one flap aside guided my hand to her pussy. It was sopping wet.

I returned her kiss with fervor despite the guilt I felt. However the guilt didn’t stop me. She opened the robe and let it fall to the floor to reveal her absolutely sensual nude body. Despite her years she was every bit as sexy as she was at 17. Again my cock got hard.

She broke the kiss as she held my hand and walked to my bed. Without a word she climbed into the bed and propped pillows against the head board to lean her back against it as she bent her knees and parted her legs to reveal a now smoothly shaved vagina. I gasped audibly. Her lips glistened with the telltale dew of her passion.

I needed no direction, lowering my face to kiss her wanton pussy lips with the delicacy of a hummingbird. As I kissed her wetted vaginal lips her nectar coated my lips. I was intoxicated in seconds. Losing any control I had I laid between her legs and devoured her sex, covering it with kisses gentle licks and suckling her hardening clitoris. She slid down to give my mouth and tongue better access to her oozing cunt which was now dilating in her arousal, opening for my penetrating tongue. Soon her hips and pelvis were thrusting as the sweet moans of amplifying desire rose from her throat. She held my head as her thrusting became more and more erratic with her pending crescendo. In the milliseconds before her climax she mewled and trembled as the hard contraction of a longed for orgasm gripped her vagina and twisted it in agonized ecstasy as a throaty moan revealed orgasmic rapture was at her opening and was flooding her vaginal canal. She shuddered and twitched pushing her aching vagina against my mouth in a series of hard pelvic thrusts yielding her decorum to the intense pleasure that was flowing from her pulsing pussy lips.

I stayed with her to coax her to another r very wet and and very hard orgasm that soaked the sheets in my bed. Granted it had been 50 years since our last tryst but I never remembered her releasing that much pussy juice in orgasm.

She was not done yet. Sliding all the way down she laid flat on the bed and asked me to turn around indicating that she wanted my cock over her face. I was slightly embarrassed as when I give cunnilingus it is a huge turn on for me that results in a stone hard erection and profuse pre cum. The precum was hanging in drips from a long string at my cock slit. Rather than being turned off my wet display turned her on, causing her to sip the precum from my slit as if it were honey. The sips were followed by kisses to the tip of my cock and tender licks which made my member lurch in pleasurable reaction to her sweet attention.

The she engulfed my cockhead in her lips and began to suckle from me as if my cock were an udder. She drew the precum from me as if it was frothy mead. My perineum and balls twitched as she coaxed a steady stream of my pre orgasmic juice. She began to press rhythmically against perineum just behind my balls as she toyed with my balls with a free hand. Instantly I began to MMO. I groaned and buried my face in her sodden pussy opening weakly attempting to 69 her as she sucked desire from my cock in a fervor. My prostate was pumping hard and my anus was convulsing as I rode the waves of ecstasy. Soon my cock was soft in her mouth as orgasm filled my anal cavity. For 20 -30 minutes I floated in orgasmic rapture as she sucked my softened cock.

I was almost out of my mind in excruciating euphoria when suddenly cock began to get hard. Slowly and inexorably it firmed and lengthened until it was fully erect again. However with its renewed rigidity I felt the ejaculation gathering deep in my anus. Half heartedly I tried to suck her clit but my sucking turned to tonguing her hole as the wellspring of my crescendo filled to overflowing.

My mind raced thinking that I was sucking my adored cousin’s pussy once more. Old feelings rose in my mind along with the semen that was filling my balls. As my release approached I caressed her ass cheeks in my palms and moaned a plaintive cry into the wet hollow of her cunt as the first hard spasm of ejaculation deep in my anal canal convulsed. I felt the hot stream of semen flowing down the core of my throbbing penis to be jetted down her throat in a series of hard spurts; each spurt forced a torrent of sweet relief to flow into my anus and trigger yet another hard convulsion of steaming spunk to hurl from my opened cock slit to fill her mouth with the force of a garden hose.

She hungrily swallowed my heavy hot load wrapping her lips just behind my corona to hold my swollen cock head in her mouth to ensure that every ounce of my cum spilled on her tongue and nowhere else. I hadn’t made that much ejaculate in years, I thought I wouldn’t ever stop pumping it.

We slept naked together in my bed that night. I spooned her and kissed her many times during the night. I imagined what it would be like to fuck her as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke many times during the night caressing her body and cuddling against her nude feminine warmth. In the morning she woke me with a gentle hand job resulting in another very heavy flow of semen. This time she saw me release one of my characteristically heavy loads all over my own belly filling my belly button as she watched in quiet fascination. I was so turned on to have her watch me cum that I came extra hard for her.

That was 7 years ago. I have never admitted this event to anyone. It is the only transgression I ever did on my wife in all our years of being together. Although I feel terribly guilty for having done it is was a relived sweet memory from my younger years with a very special person. I forgive myself.

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