Fantasy, Reality and MMO

There are several perplexing, wonderful and amazing side effects of MMO beyond the incredible sensations that it stimulates. It is all a part of rewiring. For me rewiring has sharpened my sense of pleasure, enhanced my sensual observation skills and has elevated my mental state to one of being aroused 90% of the time. But perhaps the most perplexing and wonderful aspect of MMO is the fact that when I finish a robust 2 hour session of chains and chains of hard convulsive orgasmic spasms of pleasure, I am more aroused than when I started. In addition the link of erotic images, fantasies and thoughts with physical pleasure is amplified tenfold in an MMO session.

So it was that an intense MMO session earlier this last week was spawned by visions of my sexy lady being impaled by the rigid cock of a handsome young friend. The vision of her rigidly writhing in agonizing ecstasy at the penetration of her drooling pussy by another man’s rigid penis inspired crushing waves of my own excruciating orgasmic pleasure. That session coupled with some extremely arousing chat with friends on line honed my arousal two nights ago to a razors edge. Moreover she sensed my enhanced desire and the sensual confidence I exhibited in cuddling her and kissing her, which in turn amplifies her arousal.

After a quiet evening watching a movie and cuddling on the couch we wound up in bed as always. For some reason neither one of us could sleep after we were ensconced under the covers. I am an inveterate cuddler, a trait that she always has appreciated in me. Cuddling eventually turned to kissing and kissing to the two of us stroking each other’s erotic hot spots. As we lay there a kiss on lips turned to a kiss on my neck and the next thing I felt the welcome pleasure of her warm mouth on my nipple. As she sucked on my nipple I teased her pussy mouth with a middle finger dipping into her lips to gather her honey to stroke her clit.

As we kissed and suckled and masturbated it turned into a test of wills as to who was going to yield to the others ministration and allow orgasm to overtake him or her. As much as I tried to resist, after 20 minutes it was obvious I was losing the battle. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to maintain my focus as her suckling mouth was making the sweet anguish of desire tug on my cock and make my anus twitch. I cannot resist her sensual femininity. It is like an intoxicating power that robs me of my will and forces me to succumb to her desire.

Her feminine power radiates from her soft skin. It spills onto the bed and inundates me, stiffening my cock as it laps against my thigh. This mysterious feminine force that spills from within her becomes one with her body. It crackles like electricity from her finger tips, and the tip of her tongue. My mind is swimming in the warm sensuality of her hands stroking my body as I suckle her with my aching nipple; slowly I drift away in a warm pool of sensation.

I was suddenly aware of her hand caressing the soft wrinkled skin of my balls. She fondled me, cradling my sac, hefting it tenderly as she watched my cock stiffening under the influence of the mysterious force that radiated from her palms. My balls rolled in her palm as they also fell under her spell. Her hand then inched its way up to the root of my cock shaft and tenderly grasped my penis, squeezing it and expressing a fat clear drop of precum from the tip. Lovingly she caressed the pulsing purple hued cockhead in her warm grasp. The intense sexual heat on my sensitive cock skin caused me to fidget.

I felt the sweet tingle of her hand’s pleasurably firm embrace; it sent shivers up my spine. The ripples of sensual bliss collected at my nipples and made them vibrate and stiffen. My senses were lulled into quiet surrender as the powerful touch of her sensual warm mouth on my nipple froze my muscles and held me immobile. As she suckled on me silently she told me that I should just relax and absorb the bliss.

In a sudden shocking moment I then felt her mouth abandon my nipple, momentarily I was suspended in frustrated abandonment. The next thing I felt was her warm lips enveloping my cockhead, sucking it into the sensual heat of her mouth. Her lips grasped my crown, just behind my coronal ridge as her tongue stroked the cleft underneath my cockhead I shuddered in response. Then ever so daintily the tip of her tongue searched for the slit at the lust swollen head of my penis. Her tongue knew the landscape of my rigid organ so well from years of oral pleasure. She was in no hurry to find the slit that was the source of my sweet precum. Her probing tongue was patient and methodical as it savored the smooth skin that was stretched taut in tormented arousal. It slowly slid over the slick smooth fine skin of my cockhead stroking it as if it were a kitten.

She savored the slippery sexiness of my swollen helmeted crown as she savored the sweet warm nectar that her power was drawing from deep inside of me. The taut smooth skin of my cockhead is so different than all other skin on my coarse male body; it is delicate and thin and especially sensitive to her oral attention. As her tongue bathed my aching helmet, the deep well of my passion regurgitated a warm stream of my precum for her. My essence coated her tongue and inspired her to bring her other palm to my now heavy balls.

Her probing tongue traced the outline of my cockhead and found the pink slit at the tip; she toyed with the tender pink hole , gingerly tasting the sweet nectar that dripped from it. Her tongue was like a hummingbird that was darting around a bulbous pink flower that was oozing a heady nectar . My glistening precum coated crown was the sticky stamen of that flower, attracting her to flick it with her tongue and gather its sweetness. The tip of her tongue danced over my cock slit collecting the rich sweet reward that was dripping from me.

Then with gentle urgency her tongue descended onto my pink slit and pried it open, parting it in preparation for penetration; I knew that sweet penetration was imminent from so many years of her felating me; it was exquisite torture. My anus twitched and convulsed and I could feel my prostate harden.

I struggled to absorb the deep intimate pleasure that was descending on me and filling me. But as my rational mind tried to cope what was happening to me, the erotic side of my mind passively savored the erotic sensuality that was lapping at my hardened cock, and inflating my prostate. I savored the deep wet pleasure that I was floating in, my skin was tingling in anticipation of the whispered promise of orgasm that was heard by the demon inside me. Ultimately I gave into the pleasure that was tenderly embracing my cockhead. I was on fire; my libido was a sodden steaming inferno. Ripples of pre orgasmic pleasure began to flow into my anal canal.

Her sweet probing tongue tarried and teased my cockhead for quite a while, patiently collecting the stream of precum that was drooling from my throbbing penis. Her need for my male nectar had been wetted. She sucked from my flushed pink cockhead thirstily, drawing at the source of my warm male essence deep inside me. She loves the taste of my precum and was lapping it from my turgid fountain. Then with the gentleness of a butterfly her tongue entered my cockslit. I shuddered in repeating waves of pleasure. Her feminine erotic power was injected into my rigid cock with the tip of her tongue. Her erotic spell grasped my cock and made it throb and ache with need. I moaned softly, wordlessly telling her of the intense bliss that she was making me feel. In response, her own desire swelled deep in the pit of her cunt, making it throb with the heaviness of her own desire as it leaked the dewy nectar of her arousal.

The tantalizing suction of her mouth on my cockhead caused my anus to quiver and my perineum to twitch. I was overcome by the assault of her feminine power; her erotic spell was suspending my body in divine rapture. My heart was racing in desperate lust as my head is filled with hazy sensual peace. The hot wet suction on my cockhead and the agonizing sensation of her tongue flicking and probing my cockslit made my breath come in short gulps. I was being impaled by her feminine power.

Her sexuality was intoxicating. I gasped and groaned and arched my back as her desire sought the warm wet path at the core of my cock shaft and proceeded to take root deep in my balls. The suckling heat of her mouth was tantalizing my balls and igniting an inferno of desire in me. I writhed in anguished joy as the probing roots of her erotic desire sank deeper and deeper into me. As her desire grew and extended into me it relentlessly sought the warm seething well spring of my male arousal. I heard moaning; I was surprised to discover it is me.

As her passion took purchase inside me it took control of me. I was suddenly filled with overwhelming need to spill my semen for her. I was overcome with lust and love for her. Her desire had found its destination, the warm creamy pool of my desire; it was boiling and steaming for her. I felt her tongue teasing and stroking the cleft under my cock head as my anal canal began to ripple in pleasure waves. Her feminine power gleefully wallowed in the steaming pool of my passion. Her desire exulted at the well spring of my passion, bathing languidly in my creamy hot cum.

Ensconced in my salty – sweetness of my desire, her passion began to delicately breathe her feminine heat into the pool of my cum, causing it to bubble and steam. The simmering pool began to boil seeking a desperate path for relief.

Her own orgasmic need was equally desperate; it had been warmed by my desire. As she wallowed in the creamy heat of my male life force her passion grew stronger. I inspired her cunt to swell and throb.

Driven by her own desire, her erotic power probed deeper into me, piercing my organs and penetrating me, ultimately seeking my soul. With exquisite and vulgar finesse, her desire grasped my quivering prostate and gently squeezed it causing intense pleasure waves to wash over me and wrap me in agonizing ecstasy. My cock throbbed as my brain caught on fire.

I could no longer hold back. I no longer was the master of my own sensations and responses. I was a slave to her erotic power. I was tethered to her passion; I was a sexual marionette suspended on her strings. She asserted her will and tugged on the strings that would yield my cum for her. She began to reel me in as if I was a fish caught by her hook. But unlike a fish, I did not fight her irresistible pull. I followed blissfully. She found her prize deep inside of me and now she intended to claim it. I was in a stupor of erotic desire. Her sensual tether was deep inside me and it was also wrapped around the shaft of my cock. It was like tendril on a bean plant that had coiled around my stalk and it was tugging at it me tenaciously. My orgasmic fate was sealed I was trapped as a fly would be in a venus fly trap. I was her willing erotic captive. I would imminently yield the cream of my passion for her and to her.

I was being pulled slowly to yield my cum for her. As her tongue enveloped, sucked and stroked my cockhead her spell over me was complete. She held my immobilized – lust hardened penis in her mouth in a vice like grip. She was thirsty for my cream and intended to claim it.

I was being dragged and tugged to give my essence to her. Each stroke on my cock cleft elicited a shudder of acquiescence and a gasp from me. Each moan and gulp was sweet recognition of my erotic fate. Her passion had rooted inside of me, growing and piercing my organs, burrowing deeper and deeper inside of me, claiming more of me with each inch it crept. Soon there was no more flesh wetted by sexual need to claim.

The divine sensation inside her mouth firmly squeezed my cock again; the unrelenting ecstatic anguish caused me to cry out for sweet relief.

The sheer agony of my need set the steaming pool of semen inside me to boil over. It was hot and ready to meet its destiny inside her mouth. Soon it would be relinquished in blissful anguish.

With my cock in the relentless sucking grip of her mouth, the pleasure rushed up my anal canal in a torrent and siezed my prostate in a last hard convulsion. I was in the moments leading up to inevitable ejaculation. Then as I waited for the divine agony of ejaculation I unexpectedly I felt the cool air of the night licking my rigid cock as she released it from her mouth and allowed it to flop onto my belly.

With my face in a frozen state of anguish I looked down at her. She looked at me with a glint in her eye that was both sadistic and playful. She knew that I was helpless. I was linked to her by the tether of my arousal and the power of her eroticism; the fingers of her feminine power were holding my cock, my mind and my soul in its grasp.

She got up from between my thighs and crept up to my hips. She then straddled my hips and parted her thighs to hover her glistening pink fleshy treasure over my cock. The sight of her aroused pussy over my glistening erect cock assaulted my weakened sense of reality and seized my attention with an iron grip. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her sweet nether lips. Her vagina was mesmerizing; in its lust engorged silence it hypnotized me. Her dewy pink cleft was slightly open, taunting me with the promise of an exquisitely warm and wet embrace that would milk me, and suck me dry as it swallowed my liquid testimony of love for her. Her cleft was swollen and open in readiness to claim me and her silken inner lips were wetted with the intent of her arousal.

The scent of her desire rose from the yawning mouth of her pussy and reached into my nostrils to effortlessly drill into my brain. It was the pungent scent of her arousal, the sweet aroma of an exotic human flower. I lost any remaining sense of control I had as her scent embraced my rational mind and toyed with it causing me to sink deeper into erotic haze. Then as her passion continued to reel me in I had no choice but to nestle my swollen throbbing cockhead to lodge in the lips at the threshold of her feminine vestibule.

Her pussy looked like a baby bird with its mouth agape screaming in anguish to accept the nourishment my cock could offer. There at the opening of her pussy the sensitive tip of my cock felt the welcome kiss of the mouth of her vagina. I lingered at her opening, allowing her pussy lips to kiss and suckle the head of my cock. As her inner lips wrapped around the crown of my manhood, my cock rewarded them with a sweet taste of my pre cum. My precum mixed with her own feminine honey to cover the head of my throbbing stalk. I was covered in love lubricant, enough to insure that my entry into her would be blissfully sweet. It was.

Then with my breath coming in staccato gulps I pushed up into her, parted her vaginal opening and effortlessly slid past the gateway to impale her on my spike. As I slid into her she squealed as the invasion of my cock stirred exquisite sensations inside her passion engorged pussy canal . I slowly pushed into her until her vagina had swallowed the full length of my cock.

I almost lost consciousness as the walls of her pussy gently caressed and held my stiffened stalk inside of her. As she held me sensations of peace, adoration, and desire washed over me.

I savored the sensation of being swallowed by her. But as I held still in the sweet grasp of her cunt, I was overwhelmed by erotic desire to thrust into her. I lost control of my body. Silently and wordlessly her pussy told my penis what to do. I surrendered to the demands of her steaming cunt. My head began to hear the rhythmic pounding of drums.

The pounding consumed me. I had no choice but to give into the rhythm that reverberated through my cock. Soon my cock followed the throbbing beat and I began to dance a swiveling pelvic dance that a man does in a woman that is as old as time. As I pushed up into her and fell into her in rhythmic thrusts she ground the steaming mouth of her cunt on my pubic bone. I penetrated her deeply and withdrew my slime covered dick and the thrust back into her again and again, pushing her closer and closer to the edge of her orgasmic abyss with each thrust.

With each stab of my flesh sword in her sodden sheath, I elicited moans of growing orgasmic tension from her. Impaling her pussy repeatedly, she grabbed the sheets in her fists and groaned “oh my god . . . . fuck ….what are you doing to me?”. In her eyes I could see the relentless stabbing of my cock into her cunt was causing the tension of orgasm to grow in her. She tilted her pelvis up in an attempt to swallow as much of my cock as she could and feel the gratifying pleasure of my cockhead in the pit of her vagina. The desperate euphoria that was growing in her vagina had robbed her body of all its coordination and her conconcience of any embarrassment or sense propriety. The anguished rapture was displacing any other feeling in her; all that she could feel was the burning pleasure in her cunt. It was taking control of her mind. It started as a smoldering ember deep inside her pussy but now it was an incendiary blaze that consumed her entire body and her consciousness.

She began to push against me in an erratic staccato effort to grind her burning pussy against me; her vagina gripped my penis in a desperate attempt to milk my liquid heat from me as hard as she could. I continued to thrust into her, penetrate her and grind against her. There was desperation in my thrusts as well, a need to seize pleasure from her and give her pleasure at the same time.

As I knew her orgasm was imminent I held her face in my hands and softly said to her: “look at me love, look into my eyes; I want to see your anguish as you cum”. With a look that displayed panic, fear, anguish, pure joy, bliss and confusion she looked into my eyes”. Her expression was so erotic it steeled my penis to the rigidity of an iron rod. I continued to relentlessly penetrate her and thrust in and out of her. Then I slowed and delicately teased her holding my cock in the honey coated silken folds of her pussy lips. I then resumed penetrating her and grinding against her pussy. The pearlescent drool that dribbled down my cockshaft was hers. It tickled my balls as it dripped from them to sodden the sheets under me.

Her eyes opened wide as the orgasm ignited deep in her cunt. She was being consumed by the sweet fire of pure pleasure. Her back arched and her body stiffened as the rapture embraced her and transported her to place that only a woman in surrender to orgasm can know. Her eyes again looked panic stricken and confused, then the panicked look in her eyes transformed to a look of blissful rapture as the orgasm filled her up. She shook, trembled and twisted as she sang her sweet song of orgasmic release. The orgasm grabbed her pussy, it hardened her nipples and it forced her mouth open in a tortured grimace. The orgasm held her most sensitive female parts in its ruthless grip and was squeezing them hard, wringing absolute pleasure from them. She squealed as her anus contracted wildly with each orgasmic spasm that bore into her. At the same time the sweet lips of the orgasm were suckling her clit causing divine waves of rapture to surge in and out of her pussy.

It was more than I could resist. It was impossible to hold back any longer. As if I was a classical guitar, the fingers of her desire found my strings. Her desire began to pluck my strings in increasing cadence and intensity; I could feel the sweet tension building. The music I heard and felt inside me told me that orgasm was finally truly imminent. The pace of the vibrations that were reverberating throughout my body increased until there was no space between the blissful notes. The sensation made my body stiffen in agonized bliss as I pushed my cock into her seeking anguished relief. Then as the pleasure seemed to be teetering on that discreet threshold between agony and bliss, the fingers strummed a series of chords in me that transported be to that ecstatic place of orgasmic release. The vibrations of my orgasmic instrument released the pleasure into me; my body filled with bliss in an instant. As I gasped my body reached its limits of how much pleasure I could hold.

Then in a sweet millisecond my orgasm burst open and unleashed my torrent of liquid love. When it let go in that moment, the flood of my cum sought the sweet path of release into her; it flowed determinedly over her fingers with ferocity as if they were insignificant pebbles in a mountain stream. In a hot rush to its destiny, the liquid testimonial of my love for her streamed from me. It spilled from me and was hurled deep into her secret place in a series of hard convulsive spasms. The pleasure I felt was pervasive, it caused me to sing my own resonant song for her as my body trembled under the burden of male orgasmic ecstasy. I emptied forcefully into her, and gave her what she sought. Her pussy greedily sucked its prize from me in the last spasms of her quaking vagina’s own bliss.

Her desire released its hold on my cock and I collapsed onto her. She kissed me tenderly and whispered in my ear in a hot breath the affirmation: “I love you”. I sighed and kissed her in return as my sloppy love softened penis popped out of her inflamed and sodden vagina. My creamy spending drooled from her reddened pussy lips, just as wine drools from the mouth of a lush.