50th Anniversary of Gay/Bi Youth: memories celebration sessions

I first thought about this in the context of things at www.dick.net and posted this first quote over there:

"50th Anniversary and more

So grateful for now entering 8th year of glorious ecstatic orgasmic energies mutual prostates/Gspots loving adventures practice with my wife, the crown of our erotic life together,

and later this year celebrating our 45 years of happy hetero-marriage, and over 30 years parenting two wonderful accomplished sons,

and 50th Anniversary of my Youthful Gay Exploratory and all I learned and enjoyed and shared, while searching myself deeply and finding my erotic and sexual truths, and even as we stopped having sex 3+ years into our adventures, we have remained great platonic friends, with a grateful deep fraternal love.

I am so grateful for all these people and lifetime conversations, and the great knowing and fulfilment: floating bliss, profound peace and ecstatic spiritual energies enlightenments.

I believe all males need to experiment, explore, and with deep connection and mutual respect, search the self and the other with another male early in our sexual maturation stages to really know and feel and be able to share our whole male love with our partners at all appropriate levels mmmmmmmm

Happy Anniversaries All!!!"

New tool, new sessions mmm

I happened to be in Montreal for a conference and my birthday day was the second day of the event.

The day before, after the flight to Montreal and getting settled in the hotel, I walked one its great streets, Saint Catherine's, and happened into the LGBTTQ village area and stopped into a couple of adult tool shops to see what was available.

They both needed to update their Aneros stock; I was hoping for the Progasm Ice Red!!! One of them did have a Realdoe Slim and it was on sale! I had wanted to get one of these for a couple of years, and bought it then and there, along with a new douche device.

Many men here, not having had any gay experimental times in their youth, are more and more curious.I am forever grateful for the gay exploratory relationship I had, and the wonders of having a good friend's cock fully up and inside me.

My gay youth partner and I both have our birthdays in February and both became 67 this year, ergo the 50th Anniversary. So I called him and we reminisced.

I was charged and just had to try out the Realdoe, which is about 7"+ on the erection end, and have had several sessions feeling that up in an fullness and all the anatomical reactions along the way, especially at the prostate area, and the three rectal folds one navigates further up mmm!!mmm!!mmm!!!!!

Key observations:

1. It is wonderful the way one's canal adapts, the way the right relaxation response can be easily triggered at each rectal fold to enable comfortable passage,

2. The great advantage of having developed the Polishing the Knob ability to virtually automatically trigger the prostate reaching to grab the shaft filling next to it MMM!!!!! (Thanks MGX!!which is the Aneros model that enabled me to learn this technique!!)

3. That Polishing the Knob response, together with the enhanced peristalsis nodal contractions garnered from my Aneros Peridise practice, really set up my ano-rectal canal for the best possible responses range and intensities!!! Again so much gratitude to/for Aneros!!!

Aneros practices can indeed make any man, of any orientation, a wondrous Power Bottom, for whatever sexual attraction partners attract him, even if it is his monogamous female lifetime lover!!

So, I have also noticed:

4. I have more pre-cum and that I get a prolonged milking effect/discharge from these Realdoe sessions and continuing afterward for a time,

5. I get a dry throat, yet this hunger for something, well actually cock in my throat too, while riding the Realdoe cock!! Deep throating was one of my favourite activities in thet Youth Exploratory :O

So, this morning's session, I couldn't resist, and I grabbed my Aneros Vice and started deep throating it to see if I still could manage it down and into my throat: and yes YES, all while riding the Realdoe vigorously too !!.!.~~~~~.!.!!

Amazing trip back through time and the feelings of those early Gay Days!! This changes nothing in the resulting clarification of my orientation through the Gay Exploratory.

And this all furthers my sensuality and reintegration of all these triggers and amplifiers for the full spectrum orgasmic energies exchanging my wife and I are sharing to higher and higher levels each session we have!! …..perhaps pegging will become part of our mutual prostates practice now too….

all the very best all in your explorations and adventures in Whole Male Health and Whole Male Ecstatic Energies Orgasms and More!!!

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