Attention!!! Calling All Women…and Men

Ok so this post is kind of a documentation of where my stance is on women and prostate/anal for men. I am not excluding anybody from reading it, but I'll be honest, I hope some woman who is struggling or needs clarification, or even a man who wants his woman or partner to understand his desires reads this and it helps at the very least. So strap yourself in…here we go!

I've heard from so many men on this site and others that their women )or the women they get involved with( are not into any type of ass play with them. I think that is such a tragic delimma that needs to be solved or at least addressed. It's so distressing to hear that men are often not able to be fully open with the women they share their lives with. I've had them tell me "no my wife doesnt know", "i dont think i can tell her", "she knows but refuses to participate", "she thinks i'm gay", "she thinks thats gross", "she has no idea i'm into this type of stimulation, she only like traditional or vanilla sex", the list goes on. I find that so distressing really. My heart always goes out to those guys as I usually find they are some of the kindest men I've met. I have no reason to believe they are anything other than gentlemen with their significant others )but i dont live with them so hey you never know(. As a woman I know that many around my age )29(, are "liberated" meaning they have traded in cooking cleaning and childbearing for working and trying to rule the world. I have no problem with that as I own my own business and have for a few years now, however I do relish in things that a more "traditional" woman does. As a woman one of the main responsibilites I feel is for a woman to take care of her man. Now yes this entails cooking )if she is so inclined(, helping around the house )cleaning(, taking care of those mundane things men usually dont like )shopping for underwear and groceries(, but that is not all we are or should relegate ourselves to do. I feel it is definately important to please the man you choose to spend your life )or alot of your time if you are not married( with, that means sexually. I know men can derive pleasure in other ways, but most of them at one time or another crave sexual release from us. Why deny them that? I understand that women's hormones, and feelings towards sex can change )thats normal as we age(, however women can have hormone embalances as well. So much attention is put on low testosterone, but after menopause sometimes a woman's desire can go down as well. I'll venture out on a limb and say that if the two people are not connected and synced well that does not help matters. However I am a very mental person, I think lots of things can be overcome using the mind and positive motivation. I often wonder if these women ever really enjoyed seeing the pleasure they brought to their men. For me seeing my man lose his mind because of what I'm doing to him is almost as exhilerating as the act of orgasming. There is something about a man's eyes being glazed over, the heat eminating off his body, seeing his pulse race through the arteries of his neck, spasming with ejaculation (or spasming because of prostate bliss)…I just am so puzzled by how a woman can not be addicted to that. I dont think women wield the sexual power and prowess that they have. Thats what women are for…to make men look, drool, dream, and fantasize. Sexiness drives that, and being confident sexually spurs that. Being open sexually raises overall confidence if you ask me (getting another post idea lightbulb on). I also get that vaginal sex can become uncomfortable with age as well, and yes I know our men dont have to create lubrication, and relax enough to let us in (unless we are talking pegging or prostate stimulation thats another story that I do plan on telling lol). I also understand that it takes more to get us going, they seem to see something and their motors are roaring where as its a gradual build up for us. I think some women honestly just with their man would take more time, and since she has been frustrated with previous experiences of being rushed she anticipates that and the urge to make love is lost. I've been there as I've been with my husband since I was 19 (he was 20), and 20 yr old men (esp a virgin as my husband was) do not take their time at any damn thing. He better be glad he had some REALLY redeeming qualities! Women just have to be honest with their men, they are not mind readers. It's been in my experience (and going on what other men have told me) that they are truly trying, but they have no clue unless you give feedback. Communication is key, tell them what you need, or that if you think the sex is going to be unsatisfactory then you are way less likely to oblige him. I'm sure if he loves you he will make an effort, but you have to make one too. Sex is important in a relationship. I think it is the grounding force, and keeps the two people bonded in a very intimate way. I figured this out when even though my husband had very limited sexual experience, sex with him is so much more fulfilling because we have a bond that is more than sexual and is enhanced by the physicality of sex.

Well thats part 1 stay tuned for part 2