Intro…a little about me and my blog…

Well, I've been contemplating over a while now on whether I should create and maintain a blog on this site. Well, I finally decided to take the plunge and did it! I'm actually excited about it, and the adventure that I'm taking on. I already write for another site that I dont own but the owner is so generous and welcomed me so lovingly )shameless plug devajones on there as well( where the topic matter )although aneros is mentioned on there in a post( will be different from this blog. The topic matter may overlap some but I'll try to keep this one more fitting to Aneros related things. I guess this blog will be a catch all for various things from documenting my sessions, things I've learned about myself though my journey with Aneros, or just what ever becomes my muse to write. I just go with how I feel at the moment so just stay tuned as you never know what you might see on here. I welcome any and all constructive comments )no assholes please!!!(.

About me: I am first off one of the VERY few women on this site )if there are any ladies reading this join us there are some exceptional guys on here, as well as grade A information and various points of view to draw from(. If you are a guy that has a wife or girlfriend that is hesitant, doesnt understand, or is grossed out by it dont be afraid to contact me )send a message or leave a comment(, I'd love to help women understand that there is nothing strange about this. I think I'll make a blog post about that…haha sometimes I inspire myself!

I have varied interests, I am also married….so of course there will be posts about my husband or he will at least be featured in them. I'm just a laid back person that tries my best to see the positive side of things. I am a old soul so maybe thats why the older guys on here I tend to vibe well with. I'm educated so you cant pull the wool over my eyes very easily. I do own Peridise, and Evi for myself. I bought my husband numerous models…there will be more on that later.

Ok last thing, if anybody has any questions, ideas for posts, or anything else feel free to leave it in the comments. I've been enjoying my time here on this site so much and I hope to continue to be around for the long haul. Happy riding!