Attention!!!…a continuum…

Ignorance may also be a huge factor. Most women dont experiment with their own anus let alone a mans. Then there is the whole sexuality topic. Being a black woman in the deep south, I live in a place where you cant get any more conservative )thats a nice way of putting it…( than that. Most men are told that anything near your ass other than fecal matter )again being nice( is gay. That bleeds over to women as 'thats how you can tell if he's gay do he like his ass to be played with???' When that is simply not the case. It is misinformation that is propetuated throughout social circles.

Personally, I dont feel that any mate of mine should only feel one type of pleasure. The kind supposidly solidifies his heterosexuality. There are plenty of times when I'm close to orgasm or I am orgasming and he looks into my eyes and I know he can see the love and endearment in them, and even sometimes my vulnerability at that moment. I have the same desire to see that in his eyes as well. For a man sometimes he needs to feel a more intimate type of stimulation. A male friend of mine called to tell me how since being able to super o with his progasm, he had a moment when thinkning of his wife and he felt pleasurable waves go through his body, then he became emotional, and went into a blissful state. I found that to be such a enlightening experience that he shared with me. It made me think of how I have a feeling it will make the bond between him and his wife even more special. That lead my thoughts to my husband and I and how I have a need for him to experience similar bliss.

What it all boils down to is this, when people decide to be with each other, compliment each other, make one another's lives better then they should do just that. Men and women can reach pointless orgasm all by themselves. Why not make it an earth shattering experience for the both of you together? Why not show someone how much you truly love them by creating a physical and in a lot of cases spiritual )not religious per se( awakening within them. Until next time keep your mind open and positive.