Happy Anniversary

First I would like to thank all my brothers who wished me a happy anniversary. I felt all the love and waves that were sent my way. When I tell you that the last three days were the most beautiful orgasmic days of my life. I'm still buzzing from all the anal play that went on.

It all started on Friday evening after my parents went on a mini vacation to visit family. As i saw them pull out of the drive way I began to prep for my own weekend utopia trip that was going to be taken in my mind from all the orgasmic pleasure that was going to be going on. I lit scented candles, I shaved my whoe body clean, and i showered and hot my ass ready for the time of its life. I entered my room with slow jazz music playing setting the tone and mood. I didn't want to to cum yet since the real big day was on saturday so I thought a nice long edging session would be just good enough to give me that plasure but nover board to the point of explosion. Mind you its been 5 days since i had a wet orgasm.

So I layed on my bed and just began to rub my whole body but not touching my dick. Oh that made him a little angry so he sprung up very quicking ooking for his sweet touch of my wet slick hand. But tended to my hard screaming nippples instead. That made him furious so he began to throw up this clear substance that poured down the shaft of my hard throbbing cock down to my balls and rested right at my enviting hole. So to tease him even more I got up reached in my dresser draw and pulled out Mr. Helix Syn. I dove hi right in with that clear juice that was waiting at my hole and he slide right in. I laid back down and waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure moved through inside my body. I moaned and yelled as my throbbing dicked begged to be touched. i ignored his begging and continued to massage my nipples and inne r thighs and belly which has become a hot spot for me. Since i shaved my silky skinf just felt so great.

Then my prostate wanted to take over the show. He started to autofuck me so hard and deep and I lost control and almost lost my mind. But my ranging hard on was bring me back from the screams of aggony. Also forgot to mention I had a new cock ring onthat kept my balls so tight and kept the cum under control. So I'm trying to keep my breathing under control and having the ride of my life. I feel my body begin to jerk around. Not a shake, not a rumble but i felt like my prostate and Mr. Helix was trying to flip me over. So I did just that and flipped on ym stomach. Why did i do that. As soon as my hard dick hit the soft comfy sheets i began to hear like a evil laughter. I knew were it was coming from and I knew there was no turning back now. I was getting pounded by my Helix Syn and with ever thrust my dick was getting stimulated between my stomach and the bed. I was screaming into a pillow and my ass was arched so high then I howled like a wolf in the night and exploded right into the bed.I felt the ropes of cum just shoot out of me with out and control. My dick won the battle at the end and it felt amazing. That was only day one.

Saturday came and I was still on my stomach in that same position. I fucked myslef to sleep. lol So I got up at 11:30 am. I liked the smell that i was carring so I didn't want to shower just yet. I went to the kitchen to make brunch. I eventually showered and had some fun there but nothing big. But that afternoon around 5 pm. I got ready for my next big session. Mr. Progasm Ice informed me that he was a little jealous of my ride the night before. So I'm always up for a challenge. I cleaned out and popped him in. Oh how I missed him. He always shows me the best times. He gave me so many full body orgasms I lost count. I actually ended that session with two wet orgasms back to back. I was drained. But so satisfed. I actually was a little aneros drunk so drunk I kept my Progasm Ice in me the rest of the night. Dick stayed hard through ever wet dream I had. Waking up to sticky underwear is always nice. That was day 2.

Sunday. So I pulled Mr. ice out of me and ran to the bathroom to go relieve my self. I made me a good breakfast and then showered and was able to walk around in my new thongs that I just purchased. I love walking around in my underwear when I can. So I just lounged in the living room in my undies watching tv til the tv was watching me. I sort of dozed off. But I awoke to a buzzing ass. I mean my ass was on fire. Not in a bad way but a really good way. I ran up stairs cause I knew what I needed. I cleaned out again and decided it was time to pull out my new firned that I really don't play with that often. Mr. Device was going to be making a apperance.

I loe doggy style so tolossen up i started that way first. Oh he is so perfect. The buzz is a little loud to me but the way he stimulates my hole insides is just amazing. 15 into the session I had a wet orgasm by accident. But the was my whole body just jerked when the cum shot out of my dick head was just unbelievable. As I'm riding I'm a emotional wreck cause all these feelings are pouring out of me and I feel so fucking good. I turn around on my back with my legs lifted and but elevated from a pillow and then the device just begins to pound me like the Helix was doing. I mean from the toes curing to my legs shaking to my dick throbbing I really thought I was going to explode. Instead I just grabbed a hold of my dick and jerked him off an with only a few strokes I had another wet orgasm. After that all i could do was just lay there as my mind tried to clam down from all the love maing i just had with my self this whole damn weekend. I mean everyone at work today was complimenting me about ym smile. But If they only knew.

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