Homoerotica from my Memoir / Novel

This is an excerpt from my novel. It is partial truth and partial fantasy. I put it here in response to several guys asking me about the novel. This excerpt is homoerotic the novel is mixed m-m, m-f-m, and m-f. Enjoy and tell me what you think.


So the day finally arrived. It is a significant drive to Virginia for me. During the entire trip my cock was erect and drooling as I though that he would be there when I arrived.

I got there first, which was odd because he was a lot closer. I wondered if maybe I was more aroused and motivated by the prospect of being with him for the next two nights. I took the suite in the hotel under my name. Part of the reason I had arranged to get a suite was so that we would have kitchen facilities and avoid going out and be seen together as little as possible. We planned on spending the weekend in the room having sex that was it.

We did agree to meet in the lobby at a specific time, location and spot that we both knew from having been in that hotel several times before. I sat on a couch in the lobby in that spot reading a paper and waiting for his arrival; it was really hard to concentrate on what I was reading. I kept nervously looking at my watch, waiting for the appointed time to arrive. It seemed to take so long. I was excitedly anticipating this meeting as much as I was my first serious date in high school so long ago, and I was as nervous. His cell phone call preceded him. He said he would be there in ten minutes. It was the first time I heard his voice; it was lower than I thought it would be. As I hung up on him, the erotic reality of the moment settled over me. My anxiety grew.

As promised ten minutes later he confidently strode into the lobby. As he walked across the lobby I knew it was him in an instant. His physical presence was inspiring. He was years younger than me and he looked younger than his years. His hair was light brown and curly and his facial features were decidedly masculine. He was lanky, well built and tall like me, only maybe an inch or two shorter. We shook hands and smiled knowingly at each other. His eyes were deep blue and very clear, I was mesmerized by them. My mind was suddenly swimming in images of being intimate with him, my arousal amplified and my cock hardened. I was struck by his appearance, but I hoped it wasn’t too obvious. I have always prided myself by being cool and reserved, but it was hard not to be giddy like a teenager. There was an aroused awkwardness to the moment; we both knew what our intent was and facing each other and meeting each other to go through with it unspoken was a new experience for both of us. My heart raced as my cock throbbed.

He had his bags with him when he walked in the lobby. It was 9 PM, the hour and the anticipation put food as far from both of our thoughts as could be imagined. There was nothing to do but head straight to the elevator to go up to our room; the immediacy of the moment was intensely arousing. He was a really handsome guy, I felt somewhat self conscious. I am in pretty good shape, and not bad looking but he was younger and very much more attractive and better built that I was. Knowing that I was hung much larger than him bolstered my confidence a little, and gave me hope that he would find me to be sexy.

We made small talk about the trip I made as we made our way up to our room. Slowly that last bit of awkwardness of our initial meeting was melting away. As I was the only one who had the key, I opened the door and stood just inside it, letting him into the room. He walked inches from me, brushing gently past me as he walked through the door. I could smell him, it was a mix of aftershave, soap and him; he smelled fresh and clean. I felt like I was a spider welcoming a fly into my web. I mulled the image over in my mind as he walked past me.

He dropped his bags in the bedroom and a couple of minutes later he came out of the bedroom to join me as I sat on the couch in the living room of the suite. The couch offered a less ominous setting to sit for a while and talk before we made to leap to the bed and sex. It was a wise decision because the hour sitting on the couch relaxed us both to the point that it was like being on line again. We both settled into a very comfortable rhythm of chat.

Our ease with each other was evident in that it was his suggestion that we head off to bed. The verbal suggestion was accompanied by him reaching over to me and gently caressing my crotch and smiling. He was very much at ease with what we were about to do and so was I although the pat he gave me on my turgid cock certainly spiked my nervousness a little. No guy had ever overtly reached over to me and done that to me in my life. I was turned on beyond belief.

We had talked extensively on line on our roles in intimacy and our desires. I characterized myself as a pleasure giver and he as a passive receiver. Our roles in this tryst were ideal for each other. Following our previously agreed scenario, I walked up to him and began to unbutton his shirt, slowly and deliberately starting at the top and going down button by button. He stood impassively staring into my eyes as my own gaze went from each button as I undid it back to his eyes. When I reached the bottom button I pulled the shirt open and tugged it from his pants and shifted it off of his shoulder. His chest was bare and his flat stomach with its light fuzz around his belly button was revealed to my eyes. He was less hairy than I by far and more youthfully muscular.

With his shirt gone I reached for his belt and unbuckled it, letting it drape from the belt lops on either side of the button that held his pants closed. Putting my middle finger inside the waist band of his pants next to his warm skin, I flicked the button of his jeans open and with the thumb and forefinger of my other hand grasped his fly and unzipped it to open the flaps on the front of his jeans. Without missing a beat I slid them down and helped him step out of them as he steadied himself on my shoulders.

What stood before me was a truly sexy well built man dressed only in a thong that held a prodigious bulge in the pouch in the front. Before I removed the thong I ran my palms over the warm taut skin of his chest and abdomen. I continued my hands journey down the front of the pouch of his thong searching for the warm softness of his package. What I felt was the first experience of the feeling of a mans balls and cock. Despite his semi erection, I was amazed at how soft and vulnerable his balls felt nestled in my palm. His cock began to firm up under the heat of my tender caress. Soon it was at full erect length and peering out above the waistband of this thong. Mens intimate wear is not made to accommodate erections. Looking into his eyes I leaned forward and slid down his silken sheath and revealed his glorious cock to my eyes.

Without much ceremony I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it and my own jeans until I was standing there in a thong as he had been moments earlier. I did not hurry as I removed my clothes. The entire time I undid my buttons and zipper I watched his face and his rigid cock. When I got to my own white silky thong, his cock lurched and a fat drop of precum welled up at the tip.

I had put on one of my thongs that had a pouch that accentuated my bulge, before he saw it he knew my dimensions; he had seen me live on cam on line. Now I stood there with my semi erect cock filling it out better than it did when was displaying my arousal to his eyes on line. The thought that a sexy guy would see my lust swollen package was incredibly arousing to me. I tried to find some seductive pose to strike for him as I stood there but I had no idea what that might actually be, so I just stood there.

I was really surprised at how much thought I was putting into the vain presentation of my sexuality. I was struggling with how I might present myself to him when I slid down my thong and revealed my nude body to him, it would be in a matter of seconds and I had no clue. This was a very unusual circumstance for me as J had been the only one to see me naked and aroused in my entire adult life. The thought of showing my aroused cock to him was even more arousing than I could ever imagine. This was different; I tried to look nonchalant as I stood there but my heart was racing and my anus began to pulse.

My eyes dropped to his crotch, there were those luscious balls and his thick hard – manly cock: it was pink and hard and long. The cock that I had lusted for in the pictures he sent me was right there in front of me. Indeed, he was stone hard already; I was flattered that the thought of being there naked with me had erected him to his full glory. The golden brown tuft of his pubic hair framed his gorgeous cock; I was nonplused.

My own cock continued its transition to full erection as I stood there looking at his sexy stiff spike. It was like one dog barking and causing another dog to bark. My hardening cock strained ay my thong, making it jut out at an awkward angle. I was overcome with desire. The lust that was seething in the core of me seemed to wash away any feelings of ill ease I had. I slipped my thumbs under my waistband and uncovered my iron hard cock for him. He looked down on it and his eyes opened in awe. I stepped forward and closed the distance between us, we were inches apart. I could feel the warmth of his chest on radiating my own. The tip of my cock touched his groin and the tip of his upturned hard rod was on my belly.

Unbidden and with no warned I closed the gap between us and embraced him pressing our lust hardened penises against each other as I wrapped my arms around his and kissed him. Any pretense of embarrassment or self consciousness floated away and carnal male lust replaced it. Holding him and embracing him as our cocks warmed each other and our lips searched for sensual arousal made my head spin. Then with silent sensual music playing in my head, I began to thrust my cock against his, grinding my cockhead on his pubic bone as he ground his cock on my pubic bone. We kissed and seductively rubbed our pelvises against each other in a lurid dance that men have danced together hidden from society’s judgmental vision for hundreds of years. The more we pressed together the more deeper my arousal became.

I dropped to my knees. Putting my hands on his ass cheeks I lowered my lips to inches from his hardened manhood; it was hot and coated with our combined precum. Things seemed to be happening in slow motion. My lips were imminently going to be contacting another guy’s oozing cock, a cock that was stiff and longing for my lips. It was a surreal moment.

Then my lips made contact with his slippery cockhead skin; I was swooning with the warm silkiness of his rigid penis. I chose not to suck his cock but rather to kiss his gorgeous balls. I turned my head to reach under his cock, to savor his balls while resting his turgid cock against my cheek. With his cock resting on my cheek and my lips on his balls I realized how complicated male arousal was at that moment. His penis was erected to the hardness of stone ready to stab and penetrate but his balls were soft and so very vulnerable. I thought how perfect that was as an expression of male sexuality …oppositional characteristics.

Indeed the first contact of his balls with my warm lips was fascinating and very sexy; I was amazed by how silky the skin of his ball sack was, how delicate with balls were inside it and how delicate and loose his sack was. I kissed and licked his balls all over especially underneath them where they connected with his perineum. Then working my way around the side of his sack I licked and sucked the crease between his balls and his thigh, eventually arriving at the base of his penile shaft. I licked and kissed my way up his shaft to his cockhead which was now dribbling a stream of clear warm precum. I was stunned at how sexy I thought he was. Pulling my head back to allow his hardened flesh spike to stand out from his body, I inched my lips closer and closer to the tip of his cockhead. It seemed like an eternity until the softness of my lips touched the smooth taut precum coated tip of his cock. It was sensually warm and delicate despite its obvious masculinity. I was suddenly struck by the dichotomy of his erect penis. It was rigidly masculine but elegantly sensual. Reveling in the sensual eroticism of his masculinity my lips touched his drooling cock slit. My tongue stroked the opening and collected his sweet precum. The touch of my tongue on his sensitive crown made his entire shaft lurch. I lapped his crown eliciting a deep sigh from his chest. I then kissed the tip of his cockhead. I had the image in my mind of being a hummingbird collecting his sweet nectar.

His muscular male ass cheeks felt firm and smooth in my hands . As I covered every inch of his cock with my kisses I kneaded the taut butt. I am a giver more than I am a taker. I was enjoying the experience of loving his penis and stroking his ass so far more than I could’ve ever imagined. I was lost in the sheer sensual soft vulnerability of his balls, the smooth hardness of his cock and the warmth of the skin on his ass. His clear sweet honey made the experience incredibly sensual. His arousal was elevating my arousal to a shrill whine inside my head.

I don’t know how long I was on my knees covering his cock with my lips and licking his crown …time seemed to stand still, as he did. He was immobilized by my oral attention. His erected cock seemed to be beyond sexy; it was hot, engorged and swollen with lust. I was careful not to suck too assertively on him as I knew myself that I could easily have made him cum, and I didn’t want to do that yet. I looked at the clock it was 11 PM, the night was still relatively young.

I stood up to notice a long thin string of my own cock drool that was hanging perilously from my erected penis. Freeing my long hard cock to his view the exhibitionist in me got a sudden rush. He clearly took notice of my enthusiasm.

Without hesitation I asked him to lie on the bed on his back. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure if I was being too forward or dominant or not but I didn’t care. The desire that was steaming inside of me painted images in my mind of what I wanted and needed and my arousal gave me the confidence to ask for it.

He lay on his back on the bed; I got a good sense of his height as he covered the bed from end to end, he was almost my height. In a sense I felt that I was making love to myself. As I stood at his feet I surveyed the sexy landscape of his body. My eyes settled on my target though, the gorgeous male shaft that was glistening with his precum and my saliva. I had tempered his dick to iron rigidity with my lips and tongue.

Weeks ago I had written to him that I was really – really interested in frotting him, and frosting his cock with my cum; that is what I intended to do now. So crawling onto the bed I got on my knees next to his hips and hoisted my leg over his pelvis to straddle his crotch. My erect precum oozing penis was suspended over his. I then lowered my pelvis to gently lay my hard cock on his. I settled my cock shaft on top of his now slimy penis. This was the first time I had ever felt my own cock touch another cock. The feeling was excruciatingly divine; the sensual heat of our entwined male parts imparted a sensation unlike anything I had ever experienced. The hot hard smoothness of our mutual arousal mesmerized me. Ever so slowly I began to rub my precum slimed dick against his, the slippery sensation of his hardened member pressing on mine made my anus twitch and my perineum contract in a delightful spasm. I was careful to not thrust my pelvis too much for fear that I would cum.

Settling our cocks against each other sitting still, I began to massage his chest with special attention to his nipples. Each pinch of his nipples caused his penis to lurch and twitch; it was so sensual I struggled to breathe as I felt it jerk against me and ooze more precum. I languidly massaged his chest and shoulders and tenderly pinched his nipples giving me the special thrill as his cockhead rubbing against my shaft and sliming me as I teased his nubs. His eyes were closed as I massaged and provoked and tantalized him.

Then sliding down his legs I lowered my lips to his nipples. One of the things that we had shared was the intense pleasure we both derived from suckling our wives. As many times as I had sucked J’s tits, I had never sucked a man’s nipples. I knew the incredibly arousing impact it had on me when she did me and I couldn’t wait to do it to him. So as I lowered my lips to his nipples his rock stiff penis pressed into my belly. I lowered my lips to surround his right nipple and sucked it in to my mouth, pinching it tenderly between my lips as I stroked and massaged his areola and stiffened nipple with my tongue. I could feel his cock twitching and lurching discharging more precum as I suckled. As I sucked harder and nibbled at his nipple I could feel the wet spot growing on my belly as he began to leak profusely with the repeated tugging throb of his cock. I taunted him going from nipple to nipple until he was virtually squirming under me. The heat of our cocks pressed together was incredibly erotic and steamy.

I was pushing him to the limits of his ability to control his ejaculation. He begged me to let him give me some pleasure but I cut him off by kissing his lips tenderly, ending his plea. I was getting incredible pleasure from what I was doing; the flowing stream of my honey glazing his cock was evidence of that. The silken heat of his erect cock against my own cock was beyond arousing, my cum was steaming, bubbling and hissing deep inside of me. I was 12:30 AM and I was lost in the sensuality of him. This was an amazing experience so far and we had only been together a few hours. I thought to myself that I still had another day and night to explore him and be explored myself.

His chest was heaving and I knew that a release would be deeply gratifying for him and a huge turn on for me. I had never induced an orgasm in a man before, this was my first. So with the goal of having him cum in my mouth I slid even farther down his body till I was kneeling between his ankles I raised his legs so his feet were off the bed and parted them. Then I lowered my face to his balls and opened my mouth, in an attempt to put them in my mouth. I wasn’t sure if they would fit but I was going to try. They did. In one deft sucking motion I drew his balls into my mouth, they filled it comfortably. Tenderly I sucked them and tongued them to refrains of him moaning softly.

I new that he wasn’t going to last so I didn’t risk continuing this sweet torture for long; I released his saliva coated balls and let them drop against his perineum in a wet flop. Licking my way up his shaft I trapped his cockhead in my mouth. My lips were holding him just behind his coronal ridge. As I held him with my lips my tongue began to stroke the underside of his cockhead, the tip of my tongue teasing his ultrasensitive frenular scar. I felt his warm smooth cockhead in my mouth; in a few moments I felt I felt the telltale swelling and pulsing of his corona in the seconds before ejaculation. I knew that I would have his cum in my mouth in a fraction of a second. After two or three pulses his cockhead swelled and pulsed hard. I heard him moan as I felt the soft warm flow of his cum filling my mouth. His cock head swelled and gently shuddered as he regurgitated a warm stream of cum into my mouth. Each pulse delivered his incredibly warm sweet and soft sex liquid onto my tongue in a gentle stream.

His cum tasted very different than my own. It was thick and pleasantly salty with a sweet under taste; there was a lot of it, it seemed to fill my mouth. After four or five pumping convulsions I drank it slowly as to savor each gulp as he pissed his tallow into my mouth.

As he emptied himself in my mouth as I held his coronal ridge with my lips. I felt his body and his cock fall limp at the same time. Climbing off of him I laid down on the bed next to him to catch my breath. Thinking he would lay there for a while, I lay on my back and tried to collect my thoughts of what I had just done. However before I could wander very far into my thoughts, he was on me. Leaning over my chest he latched onto my nipple and returned the favor, sucking me and nibbling my hardened teat. As he did his hand found my cock and began to slowly stroke me. We had talked how much I loved hand jobs and how I was looking forward to getting one from him. So as he sucked my nipple and drove me to distraction he palmed my cockhead and rubbed it on the soft skin of his palm teasing me to release but stopping just before I did. He teased me for quite a long time and backed off the tug job as he continued to pull at my stiff nipple. His other hand found my puckered asshole and teased it and massaged it as he tormented my nipple. My cock was heavy and my balls were aching to cum.

He teased me and teased me, edging me and backing off until my whole body was stiff and trembling and begging for orgasm. I grunted: “I am going to cum” as I felt the orgasm begin to convulsively squeeze me deep inside my anus. His stroking of my shaft stopped and his index finger on my frenulum was replaced by his tongue . I thought to myself that this was the divine gift of getting done by a man as he knew exactly what to do to get me to explode. And I exploded. My cock regurgitated my load, hurling the steaming semen from deep inside me. The thick hot stream of white cum hurled from my cock slit with the force of a firehose.
He held my cock gently between his lips as he sucked the cream from my quivering convulsing shaft.. When I had no more to give, he released his hold.

Wiping up with the towels that I had piled on the night stand, we silently agreed that we would be in the same bed for the night. So as I leaned over to shut the light, he grasped my head and pulled my head down to his and kissed me on the lips … a long slow languid kiss. I could taste my cum on his breath. Whether it was the cum or the outrageousness of the kiss I was very turned on. It was almost 3 AM.

The early morning light gave the room a sensual glow. I felt safe and hidden and very aroused from the warmth of his nude body on my skin; his heat aroused me and began to harden me yet again. His skin was soft; I could feel the firmness of his muscles underneath it. As we lay there I reached over and gently caressed his cock and balls in my palm. I tenderly hefted them and fondled him. The warmth of my palm made his balls release and hang loosely in my hand. Gradually I slid my hand up his torso to seek out his rigid little nipples. He sighed quietly as my hands explored him. Several times I heard him sighing softly next to me as I fondled his shaft to hardness; I didn’t know if he was awake and languidly enjoying my caress or if my touch had invaded his dream and was filling his head with lurid dreams. At 8 AM when the sunlight broke into the window, I had no idea where the previous 2 hours had gone.

I was thoroughly enjoying the act of savoring his arousal. My cock had been stone hard for most of the night, stiffened in response to the realization that I was in bed with an incredibly sexy naked man. As I lay there I was suddenly struck by the realization that I thought he was sexy; moreover I was incredulous that my brain responded to him by hardening my own cock. Indeed the phenomenon of rewiring me had occurred.

He rolled over to lay on his side facing away from me with his bare ass inches from me, sleeping just as J does when we are sleeping. So sidling up to him I turned from my back to my side and spooned against him, nestling my cock into his firm ass crack and lodging my cockhead against the intensely soft heat of his anus. His ass felt much different than J’s but it was just as erotic. I reached around him to massage his cock. It was very different spooning him and masturbating him than is was with a woman. His torso was obviously bigger and his larger body gave him more bulk, but his ass was just as sexy as hers was; the fact that he was a guy gave the moment a lewd eroticism that made it indescribably arousing. As his cock hardened in my grasp he stirred awake. He wished me a good morning. I responded with a good morning and a whisper to him to lay still as I was about to launch. As another MMO practitioner he knew exactly what that meant. He thrust his bare ass back at me, pushing his anus against my cockhead, in effect giving himself to me. As I lay there nestled in his ass, the MMO found my own anus, opened it gently and burrowed into me with a vengeance. As he passively laid there I pushed against him, groaning and mumbling as the waves of pleasure bored into me. I stiffened my body as torrents of pleasure flooded my asshole. I told him everything I was feeling as it happened; the more I told him the more turned on I become and the more powerful the cascades of orgasmic spasms became.

The MMO was euphoric. It was inspired by the rigid cock in the palm of my hand. As my MMO blossomed it had a profound impact on him. I felt his iron bar of a cock leaking precum in my hand. Patiently he laid there giving himself to me as the orgasmic waves were drilling into my asshole making me moan and shudder and bury my face in the back of his head. I tried to maintain the concentration to tend his erection as I clung to him; as the pleasure bore into me relentlessly it was getting more and more difficult to maintain any focus on him. I shuddered as the cascades of pleasure impaled me over and over again. After 30 minutes I rolled backwards and sighed letting the waves of bliss dissipate. He got up and he got out of bed; he went to his bag and took out his Aneros Helix, his favorite Prostate Massager. Lying on the bed again he lubed it and asked me to insert it in his anus. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever done.

I parted his ass cheeks with one hand, exposing his pink asshole. Then I gingerly slid the long white finger like massager into his puckered hole. He shuddered as the cold hard device penetrated him; I remembered that feeling of initial penetration and empathized with what he was feeling. I could not remember being this turned on ever before. My cock went rigid as he moaned from the exquisite pleasure that was now radiating in his asshole. Unable to pass up the opportunity I caressed his balls and bent over and kissed them.

With his Helix in place he raised his knees and parted his legs to give it free motion as he laid on his back. I straddled his belly resting my cock on his abdomen just below his belly button. He felt warm and soft on my hypersensitive penis. Then laying down on him my nipples were level with his mouth. I gave him my left nipple and rested on him. My MMO exploded again instantaneously.

For the next 30 minutes we both writhed in something that I have never done before or since … experienced mutual MMO’s with a guy. We clutched each other as the explosions of ecstasy inside our assholes made our bodies jerk and stiffen repeatedly. My spasms ignited his and his ignited mine. I thought I might faint from the rapture. Although we could’ve gone longer I got off. We both had things to do that day.

So with my cock semi hard and dripping a stream of precum from my MMO session and his ass crease and belly slimed by my precum I got up. As he stood I could see his cock, standing erect. It was hardened by his MMO and my erotic show for him, he got out of bed.

One of the things we said we wanted to do was to shower together; being that this shower was a large glass enclosure we ventured into the shower together. With the water running we went under it. My entire body was tingling with erotic energy, the warm water washing over it felt great on my skin. Then we stood very near each other facing each other and reached down and began to soap each others cocks. We applied the soap liberally making the warm water that was running on our cocks a slippery sensual liquid. Leaning our heads on each others shoulders we massaged and stroked and milked each others cocks as our minds drifted to some distant place. I was lost in a sensual haze as this man caressed and coaxed my penis to rigid arousal. I struggled to remain standing. The pleasure was so pervasive my legs were finding it difficult to maintain me in an upright position.

We were both hard and throbbing in a very short time. With my head resting on his shoulder I was overwhelmed with the absolutely pleasure he was giving my cock. I couldn’t sustain the concentration to continue to do him so I stood there and surrendered to him. Letting him milk and massage my cock while I stood there immobilized. As much as I tried to hold back I couldn’t. As I struggled to steady myself by raising my hands to hold onto him shoulders my cock let loose with a very hard spurting pumping spasm as I pissed a stream of my cum onto his thigh. My knees almost buckled as another convulsive orgasmic spasm squeezed my balls and pulsed another hot load onto his thigh. The third pulse was much smaller collapsing into a series of pleasant shudders.

I reciprocated with him facing the wall and me standing behind him again nestling my ejaculation softened cock in his ass crack. I milked and caressed his erection making him thrust his pelvis as I stroked him. With his forearms on the wall of the shower as he leaned on the shower wall he groaned as he hurled a milky stream of cum onto the wall of the shower. I held his regurgitating cock as he unloaded on the wall. I felt incredibly close to him. It was one of the most intimate experiences I had ever had. Each of us then washed up, I left the shower as he finished up.

The next half hour was getting dressed for the day. He was going to try and get some work done and I was off to my afternoon appointment. All during that appointment thoughts of the night and morning filled my head and steeled my erection. I hoped that my tented pants were not noticed all during my meeting. At the same time my perineum was throbbing from the very intense ball draining ejaculations I had just experienced. It was a pleasant throb; I was clearly still ready to MMO.

So it was later that day when I made it back to the room he was there already watching an erotic movie on the TV. It was 7 PM when I walked in. He was in a bathrobe with his feet on the coffee table; the movie was having an impact on him as his cock was evidently hardened under his bathrobe. I came in and smiled, he responded by saying I have been waiting for you. After a friendly – quick hello I went into the shower to ready myself for that night’s game.

I walked into the living room with a towel around me and sat next to him on the couch. We talked briefly about the days events but it was just polite banter, we both knew what we wanted. So after about 30 minutes of perfunctory conversation we retreated into the bedroom and turned down the covers. The bed became a stage for our sensual performance, all lights were on us.

We discussed briefly the plans for the next couple of hours and agreed on the strategy that would take us to bed time. We agreed that we would be very judicious about cumming this time at least for me because after the ejaculations I had had already; my recharge time would take a while longer. Our age difference was clearly a factor.

As he lay on the bed on his back and I crawled up to the head of the bed and steadied myself on the headboard with my ass straddling his face. His nose was under my balls and his mouth was directly under my asshole. I lowered my anus to his mouth as he parted my ass cheeks like I was a ripe fruit. I relaxed exposing the most sensitive skin in my anus to his tongue. Then while I breathed deep and relaxing breaths I felt the gentle point of his tongue touch my asshole and penetrate me probing just inside my anus. The sensation was exquisite. My heart was racing, I could feel both my prostate and my cock hardening and swelling as his tongue tantalized me and provoked me to rise to the heights of my ability to be aroused. My cock was throbbing and aching and was stone like in its erection as it drooled my precum onto the pillow.

I was hypnotized by the breathtaking sensation that he was inflicting on me. Sparkling and tingling sensations flashed around my anus and rippling spasms of mmo pleasure flooded my anal canal. My anus has become intensely orgasmic since MMO rewiring. So as I kneeled there suspended over his face his tender ministration of my sensitive opening with his tongue transported me to that place deep inside of me that I only visit as anal pleasure pervades me. The sensually quiet erotic peacefulness of that place welcomed me as I sank into its warm embrace. A kaleidoscope of erotic visions filled my mind as waves of indescribable bliss filled my pelvis.

I was lost in time and space as his probing tongue teased me and tantalized me. I was intoxicated and immobilized suspended over the flames of white hot lust that were searing my anus. All I could think about was the sweet orgasmic steam hissing deep inside me that was stimulated by his tongue probing my asshole. The pre cum was hanging in a long string from my erect cock. He probed me for what seemed like hours, pushing me farther and farther from reality.

I can’t remember how we made the transition as my head was so fuzzy after his expert rimming. I do remember that we wound up on the bed with me on all fours doggie style. He was behind me with a well lubed finger up my ass massaging my prostate gland while he milked my cock. The waves of purple rapture were drifting in and out of my asshole while the well lubed circle of his index finger and thumb forming a circle pulled down on my cock in a milking – striping motion. I pushed my anus up to him begging for release.

Before I could cum he withdrew his finger and lay his face between my legs again. Then directing my long hard cock into his mouth he mumbled: “face fuck me” from his cock filled mouth. I wasted no time and began to rhythmically hump his open mouth.

Thrusting my hips up and down my cock slid into his mouth; up and down and up and down yielding incredible sensation with each thrust. The image of what I was doing inflamed me. The thrusting of my pelvis and the exquisite sensation of his tongue rubbing the underside of my cockhead as I thrust up and down into his mouth was intense.

Despite our agreement to forestall ejaculation, my cock ached to release; I knew I would not be able to put it off much longer. So casting aside any pretense of self control I set myself to the task at hand. I put my hands on either side of his head and like an animal rutting I fucked his mouth with a piston like rhythm, forcing him to make gurgling noises as the base of my cock forced his mouth open and my cockhead went down his throat. In a few minutes I felt my prostate contract hard as it prepared to deliver the hot stream of cum that was welling up inside me. Then I held his head between my hands in a firm grip as I arched my back and tensed my body in the sweet anguish of imminent orgasm. Everything in my perineum, groin and pelvis seized up in the hardest orgasmic contraction imaginable to force the hot wad of cum boil up from deep inside of me to spew from my cockslit. I felt the sweet agony of deep orgasm and the resonant pleasure behind it echo in my perineum and anus as the convulsion squeezed me. Then I felt the searing hot cum travel up the core of my cock shaft and release into his mouth in a series of exquisite feeling pumping pulses. The combined relief and bliss was so intense I stifled a scream as I unloaded my cream in his mouth. Once I was emptied I got off of him and flopped on the bed to catch my breath.

Our last cum that night was me kneeling between his legs at the edge of the bed with my finger up his anus and my hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him. While I described my lurid fantasies of mine to him he finally succumbed to his last orgasm. The stream of piss thin watery cum poured from his raw red penis , dribbling down over my hand.

We turned in at 12 midnight that night as I had a long drive home the next day. The night’s sleep was a very fitful one as we were both spent and our balls were aching and empty. However during the night and the early morning we shared several moments of very pleasant ball fondling and cock massage which culminated in another cock sucking for both of us. His final cum in my mouth was essentially several drops of his essence…he had nothing left to give me. My own balls were throbbing with the ache of multiple ejaculations.

We shook hands and hugged in the room the next day. He left first. I waited 15 minutes and I left next. The ride home was a long and thoughtful one, punctuated y the pleasant memories of the two days punctuated by the throbbing of my balls as I drove.

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