1. Had a nice erection during this session ! The edging was mind blowing ! The eruption was huge !

  2. Nice session this afternoon with the wife. Awesome BJ for the first 15 minutes.Tried some different positions:

    On my back with one leg bent with foot flat on bed and the other straight.

    Both legs bent with feet flat on bed or slightly elevated.

    Practiced squeezing.The feelings on the squeeze run though you. Very nice erection this time. Odd as the Naughty Boy gives nice releases completely flaccid. Less ejaculation with Naughty Boy too. More of an over flow. The edge and just before you over flow is the most intense part of that orgasm.

    Finished off stroking and she had her rabbit.

    This afternoon was more an ejaculation than over flow. Still very intense 😀

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