First blog

I experimented today with something different. I started with a normal session, that lasted for about an hour. I started off with muscle contractions only while watching a video which gets me aroused. After 10-15 minutes, I started mild thrusts, which then built up to stronger ones. After 30-40 minutes I was thrusting hard until I would start to quiver non-stop without thrusting for a bit, then I would start thrusting again until the quivering/contractions started.

I did this for the first hour, but even though I have waited a whole 24 hours…I didn't get the whole body spasms like I had the previous days. I decided to try something new. I had heard someone in the chat room mention they put a vibrator on the outside of their aneros, and well, I decided to do something similar. I have a bullet vibrator )has a bullet on a cord that connects to the control. I actually have never tried to use it directly for prostate stimulation..which I need to do sometime, but in this case I took my Aneros out, and inserted the bullet first )not vibrating at that point(…gave it some extra slack…and then put the Aneros back in.

Then I went back to doing what I was before, thrusting )slower now as the process of taking things out/putting them in etc cooled me off a bit(. In no time I was back to where I was before though, and then I turned on the vibration for the bullet.

It's an interesting experience..but I'm not sure if it's better or not. I did get me a bit further tonight, but this has still probably been my least successful session yet. I did achieve small full body spasms….but nothing like the previous times even with the vibration. Also the vibration seems to take away a bit of the ability to feel, or just relax while feeling )Even when thrusting(, it kinda made me clench up I guess.

Not all bad though, as even when clenched, I was still being stimulated, so it's definately something to try. I'm contemplating getting the Vice…and this was a good way to semi see what it would be like.

I did continue for another hour, and then I finished of using my hands and cumming. I almost didn't )I had held off on doing anything for over 24 hours(, but I was just too wound up and I wouldn't have stopped without doing so )and it's getting late!!(.

That also was not close to as intense as before. Some of my previous sessions have ended with me cumming so hard I felt like I would pass out. This was still a strong orgasm….but I did not cum much )I did have plenty of pre-cum th ough(. Perhaps 24 hours was not long enough to wait, although the previous time I had had at least 2 sessions a day 4 days in a row….and the last session still felt better and was stronger then this one..where I had taken a cool down period.

I think I'll go back to not using the vibration tomorrow. There could be a bunch of reasons why it wasn't as good tonight. I had pizza for dinner..which I have noticed in the past causes me to have a lower sex drive/enjoyment afterwards )I don't eat pizza much anymore because of that..and the fact I usually have to run to the bathroom alot at night afterwords and have a dry mouth from all the salt when sleeping(. I am waiting on my Progasm ice…which shipped yesterday. I am not sure if I like the vibration addition yet…but I will keep experimenting.