My Wifes Experience of Orgasm

The other day a few guys in chat challenged me to express my wifes experience of orgasm in a blog post. So based on some recent love making sessions …. here it is. enjoy.

Hi. I am J, Linghamans wife. He has asked me to write this post for him to describe my experience of sex with him. Before I can describe our intimate life, you need to understand a few things about me. I am incurably erotic and sensual but I am very reserved and private. Coming from a puritan New England home sex was never mentioned when I was growing up. I never even saw my father without a shirt on, even at the beach. I had absolutely no sexual experience in high school. A couple of the boys I dated felt me up and one in particular coaxed me to let him feel my vagina but he didn’t stimulate me or penetrate me with his finger.

Linghaman was the first boy I ever saw naked and he was the first and only boy to see me naked. When I saw his erect penis the first time I was dumb founded. I couldn’t imagine it would ever fit inside me. Yet despite my anxiety I was fascinated by it and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame even as I was overwhelmed by its presence.

We had agreed not to have sex until we knew we were serious about each other. So for the first 6 months of our relationship sexual intimacy consisted of shared / mutual masturbation and oral sex. My favorite thing that we did back then was oral sex on me. It seemed so dirty and wrong, it turned me on more than I would have ever imagined. Feeling his warm breath on my opening was so sensual and intimate I was totally aroused before he even touched me with his tongue.

The act of writing this entry and recalling those first experiences having him make me cum with his mouth is arousing me now as I am writing this. To this day I love having him make love to my vagina with his mouth. The orgasms I still have from oral sex are mind bending.

Lying in our bed with my legs parted with Lings face between my soft thighs kissing the lust wetted lips of my pussy and sipping the dripping desire from my quivering opening is the most personal and intimate thing we do. I feel so vulnerable and vulgar having him do that to me but the vulgar forbidden nature of it makes it even more arousing. of this last few weeks, my writing has made me think of the miracle of her vagina.

I love it when he teases my glistening pink flesh with the wetted tip of his tongue and kisses the silken lips that drape the mouth of my feminine flower. When he flicks my clit ever so delicately and strokes it with the firm tip of his tongue it sends chills up my spine and suspends me in pre orgasmic anguished tension. Even when I try to resist my body forces me to thrust my pelvis against his mouth. When I think I am about to pass out from the sheer bliss of erotic sensation that is when orgasm reaches deep into my pussy and tantalizes me beyond my ability to cope. I will beg and moan and plead to him to make me cum but he has learned over the years that the more desperate I am the more divine the orgasms will be when I finally have them. So he teases me keeping me on the brink of an excruciating climax until my plaintive moans tell him the time is right.

He will then slip his middle finger into my trembling pussy mouth; it is wide open in a silent wail of thee urgent need for release that is squeezing it. His finger massages the hardened lump inside my canal. As he does that he wraps his lips around my aching clit and sucks it as he strokes the underside of it with his tongue. The sensation of pleasure inside me and on my clit drives me to the edge of my sanity and makes me arch my back and grasp his head as I hold it and grind against his mouth, feeding him my vaginal honey as I shudder and quake. As I fall headlong into my orgasmic abyss I wail a song of my rapture as the orgasm bores into my cunt and forces it to contract in chilling euphoria.

My orgasms are magical, sometimes they transport me to places inside my body that I never realized existed before I experienced having him make oral love to me. It seems like I am falling into a warm, safe, quiet blissful darkness. In that darkness I helpless flounder as the orgasm robs me of my coordination and ability to move. As I float in immobilized bliss the pleasure or intense orgasm floods my pussy. Other times my orgasms are thrilling and exhilarating as if I am riding on a roller coaster. Slowly I climb the top of the first hill and desperately tense pleasure forms a knot in my pussy. Ever so slowly the knot gets tighter and tighter as I climb higher and higher. Each foot of the climb twists my pussy with promises of excruciating pleasure, culminating in a heart stopping pumping release of pure erotic joy when I reach my climax. When I go over the top, I am rewarded in ecstatic free fall with the intense feeling of dropping down into arms of sweet rapture. The shuddering and trembling and convulsing of my vagina scared me the first time it happened. Now it is a feeling that I have learned to trust and love. As orgasm rhythmically squeezes my vagina and makes my anus spasm the blood rushes in my ears and waves of sheer white hot ecstasy wash over my body.

The sensation of orgasm starts in my vaginal opening and bores into me, the “warm waves of pleasure” flood my gapping pussy in a torrent as I succumb to them. When I am totally gripped in this intense pleasure and my vagina is convulsing and drooling the honey of my passion, I will shed an pretense of propriety and vocalize all sorts of filthy and affectionate things. As I cum on his face I will curse at him, moan obscenities and express my agonizing ecstasy to god with all kinds of intermingled curses. My nipples will harden and become hypersensitive triggers that can bridge me to a second orgasm if he massages my pussy opening and tweaks my nipples to help sustain the pleasure.

When he teases the smooth silky skin in the vestibule of my vagina and strokes my inner lips and my vaginal opening it is like I am being wrapped in the warmth of his desire for me. He will softly and slowly massage the smooth tender flesh at the mouth of my pussy until my hole is weeping pearlescent white desire. I respond to his loving mouth by raising my pelvis and thrusting my vulva against his piercing tongue. I signals my urgency to him by humping his face and rubbing my clit on his mouth coating his lips with my slippery passion., I will go faster and faster…until I am right there. Ever so subtly I will tell him I am ready to go over the edge. Then when it is time I will press his tongue to my hardened clit and push it into his mouth, holding his head to my clit wiuth both of my hands and encouraging him in murmured pleas to suck me. With my clit held tightly and wrapped in the secure warmth of his lips, I melt as I feel him firmly tug on it as his tongue massages the under side of my glans. It is when he slides his finger into my dripping sodden opening to trigger my g spot that I will start to squirm and shriek in orgasmic joy. When I am at the pinnacle of my crescendo, the skin on my chest will flush, my nipples will harden to stone and I will shudder and tremble until something deep inside my pussy pops like a champagne cork and releases the warm flood of my orgasm. The gush of sensation is accompanied by a seeping of hot sticky pearl white honey that I only release when I cum. I was embarrassed by it at first but I have come to love putting on a sticky show for him when I do ooze.

My orgasm from cunnilingus is one of selfishness. The sensation of the pleasure I experience involves me and me alone. The focus of the experience is the seesawing grip of tension and relief that is tugging at my clit, and boring into my vagina with a ferocity that is agonizingly pleasurable. It then radiates between my legs, inner thighs, my tits and nipples, my neck and my bellybutton. My cunnilingus driven orgasm is a hard, solitary and intensely pleasurable experience.

Then there is the orgasm from making love. On the contrary it is a truly spiritual. experience. I am a sexual mirror. When I feel his rock hard penis deep inside me throbbing and pumping as he spews his semen into me I am enraptured in the warm love of him. That exquisitely delicate sensation coaxes a very powerful orgasm from me. I am moved by the thought of his penetration more than I am by the friction of his cock deep inside me. Although I certainly experience a deep physical pleasure in penetrative orgasm when we make love, I am convinced it is the thought of his penis probing the sensitive warm wetness deep inside my pussy that makes me cum. It is very much a psychological event.

The highest level of intimacy that I can offer him is to take him inside me when we are both locked in the grip of orgasmic ecstasy; these orgasms are deeply emotional and very moving. It has always been that way. Having his rigid penis penetrate me is an expression of my love for him that still moves me. The act of welcoming and desiring his penis to penetrate my body so I can gladly accept the gift of his hot streaming cum delivered in the pulsing throes of his passion is one of the things that bonds us.

The most intense spiritual state that I can achieve is most definitely during the act of making love to him. I describe it as the experience of perceiving and accepting that which is outside of me as being a part of me, inside me. The expression of making love dissolves the apparent boundaries between us.

When the connection of shared being is combined with physical sexual stimulation during our love making, the stimulation acts as an energy source which powers both of our emotions; these emotions include love, adoration, lust, bliss, joy, vulgar sexuality, satisfaction, peace and other delightful sensations. The ultimate sexual/spiritual connection occurs when physical sensations are at their peak of pleasurable intensity. Consequently we try to maintain our peak of physical sensual sensation for as long as possible. For me, this means prolonged multiple orgasms. For him it means delaying his gratification until I scream, making him hang on the edge of ejaculation until I begun to suck the cum from his cock with my convulsing pussy.

The deepest levels of intimacy are involved, when we make love. This means that emotional walls come down completely. Dropping our walls is the result of trust, respect and appreciation of each other. Because of the lack of walls, when we are deep in the spirituality of making love we feel free to say and do all sorts of things we would never say under other circumstances. We express deepest intimacies; we look in each others eyes unembarrassed, we express filthy things in loving ways, we do filthy things.

The physical techniques we use to produce the prolong states of peak sexual arousal just mentioned involve me reading and sensing what he is feeling and vice versa. I feel it though my skin contact with him, I see it in his eyes, the beating of his heart, the erection of his nipples, the appearance of his skin, the feel of his pulsing cock in my cunt and the noises he makes.

Ultimately when he penetrates me he knows that I love it when he enters me slowly tantalizing me as he does. As he enters me I imagine I am sucking him in just as much as he is sliding into me. Slow and steady is the rule. When I am extremely aroused it can be difficult to refrain from more aggressive action, but the sensuality of the moment requires gentle, steady probing of my vagina and my mind. I can’t be pushed. An occasional circular motion of his finger on my clit as he thrusts in and out of me will slowly ramp my arousal up.

My greatest joy is to be suspended right to the edge until the transition to orgasm is inescapable, and then have him apply relentless slow, steady stimulation to my trigger spots. I love to give myself to him so he can subtly coax me closer and closer to the edge, then I give into it and let it happen as I caress his body and wrap my legs around his hips as my pussy sucks the cum from his throbbing balls.

When the orgasm makes his cum flood into my pussy, I focus my attention on all of the sensations I am feeling, both emotional and sensual. I sometime think that I can expand my feelings into the space around me, which includes him. I will continue the same, steady stimulation and “push” my emotional and sensual sensations into him as my sodden vagina convulses on his erect – hot penis. I communicate this most effectively with my eyes. I search his eyes for what he is feeling and tell him wordlessly what I am feeling. I express my desire for him, my adoration and the pleasure he is giving me. We can both feel our energies combine in a sea of excitement, tension and adoration.

Unlike in cunnilingus I think we both experience my orgasm; for me it a visceral sensation for him it is virtual . As my arousal ramps up to climax I will cling to him in desperation. Partly to maintain the stimulation of his penis is stirring in my pussy, but partly to hold him as my sense of euphoria is building. Our choreographed dance is critical at this point. He will slow down and I will be more aggressive to sustain the sheer pleasure of conscious fucking
Feeling him release his warm stream of cum into me I release control of my body to him. His cock takes control of my mind, my vagina and my spirit. I am there holding him as the cruel sweet rapture forcefully pervades my pussy, opening it and savoring it like a juicy piece of fruit. It finds my spine and inches up my spine leaving a tingling trail of sparks behind it. The rapture carries me off to be consumed in flames of sheer sensuality as I watch him through closed eyes. My mind hazes over as myriad sensations sparkle, flash and smolder in the depths of my sodden vagina.

I hold him as I am being devoured by the intense power of spiritual lust. My pussy overflows our mingled cum in anguished joy, drooling the liquid of our mutual passion around his cock as he holds my shuddering and quaking form.

I love showing him my orgasmic rapture; the fact that it makes him streaming long thick ropes of my cum into the warmth of my pussy is my reward.