Orgasmic Chat

This was just a regular day in chat and me and my bro's just conjured up a four way energy sharing a-less ride together.
[15:13:43] Canacan: ‹@BigGlansDC› i am having an amazing aless myself
[15:13:51] BigGlansDC: @euphemistic, such powerful thoughts for a Aless session
[15:13:59] BigOluver: im not even kegeling i was just breathing slowly hmmmm
[15:14:09] euphemistic: ‹@Canacan› IDK the center of pleasure just moves to where I focus.
[15:14:09] twlltin: ‹@BigGlansDC› nice
[15:14:36] Canacan: ‹@euphemistic› yeah thats it i think
[15:14:40] BigGlansDC: Wow, @BigOluver, that is awesome. Distance transmission of erotic energy!
[15:14:41] twlltin: I'm also having a chair Aneros-less session
[15:14:59] Guest2: Hey guys is there any certain way to lay or stand to insert it
[15:15:01] BigGlansDC: Oh boy, @twlltin!
[15:15:13] BigOluver: ‹@Guest2› try on your side or back
[15:15:17] twlltin: ‹@Guest2› Which model do you have?
[15:15:23] Canacan: dont make me laugh guys or i'll ruin it lol
[15:15:43] Canacan: ‹@Guest2› anything you like
[15:15:44] Dave753: my rides has been dumb in last few weeks
[15:15:50] twlltin: To insert, perhaps raise one foot onto a chair or a toilet seat.
[15:15:52] BigOluver: whoa there getting intense its like my prostate is growing twice the size
[15:15:57] BigGlansDC: @BigOluver, I think I am going to have an awesome ride with Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic
[15:16:12] BigOluver: ‹@BigGlansDC› dont thin just know
[15:16:35] BigGlansDC: @BigOluver, have you ever had a handsfree ejaculatory orgasm?
[15:17:08] BigOluver: ‹@BigGlansDC› oh yeah. some times it slides out and one time it shoot out lie a rcket
[15:17:09] euphemistic: ‹@Dave753› dumb?
[15:17:14] twlltin: mmm
[15:17:20] BigOluver: sorry for typos having fbo
[15:17:26] twlltin: ‹@euphemistic› I think he means "dud"
[15:17:27] BigGlansDC: Sort of like, mind over matter?
[15:17:36] euphemistic: oh
[15:18:04] Guest2: I don't have any yet but looking at getting the helix classic first
[15:18:07] Canacan: mmmmmmmmm
[15:18:09] euphemistic: ‹@Dave753› are you still thinking about exams?
[15:18:28] BigGlansDC: Guys, I have heard that guys here often distance transmit erotic energy to each other and even collectively
[15:18:38] BigOluver: this orgasm is lasting long and its getting strnger as it goes
[15:18:57] BigOluver: ‹@BigGlansDC› i think were all felling it
[15:19:06] BigGlansDC: Wow, @BigOluver, what you are describing right now sounds so hot!
[15:19:25] Canacan: ‹@BigGlansDC› then somebody is sending me big time
[15:19:49] BigOluver: i cant keep still its so strong keep it going guys
[15:19:55] BigGlansDC: You bet, @Canacan :( And you live in Paris :(
[15:19:56] twlltin: ‹@Canacan› me too!
[15:20:39] BigOluver: the room is geting so hot im rock hard right now
[15:20:40] BigGlansDC: @Guest2, Helix Classic is a good model for beginners, but Helix Syn is even better
[15:20:51] twlltin: I did a couple of PC squeezes to start this off, but it's not in my control now.
[15:20:51] Canacan: i am sure varmint statrted it all once again
[15:21:23] Canacan: totally out of control here
[15:21:27] BigGlansDC: So @twlltin, this energy is collective right now?
[15:21:46] twlltin: sinuses dribbling… tingling at forehead and crown
[15:21:47] Canacan: building slow and steady for a loooong time
[15:22:04] twlltin: …and chin
[15:22:10] BigGlansDC: wow, @twlltin :(
[15:22:11] AneRico: User <AneRico> entered the chat room.
[15:22:21] Guest2: Ok
[15:22:22] AneRico: hola, chatters
[15:22:26] BigGlansDC: Awesome, @Canacan
[15:22:31] BigOluver: :w00t: i feel so good right now
[15:22:32] BigGlansDC: Hi @AneRico
[15:22:33] twlltin: hi AR
[15:22:42] AneRico: heya T
[15:22:45] twlltin: building slow and steady too
[15:22:47] BigOluver: i feel it all voer my body
[15:22:49] AneRico: hi Biggie
[15:22:49] Canacan: ‹@AneRico› wb
[15:22:57] Guest2: User <Guest2> left the chat room.
[15:23:04] AneRico: ‹@Canacan› heya
[15:23:06] BigOluver: ‹@AneRico› hey
[15:23:25] BigGlansDC: Guys, I have to go offline for my supper. Hope to return later. Bye
[15:23:30] BigGlansDC: User <BigGlansDC> left the chat room.
[15:24:21] Canacan: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[15:24:24] BigOluver: m gonna save this chat cause this one is for the recoord books. i have never felt that good before in a less ride