California Nightmare in Hellsville

Well this is the final part to the post entitled California Dreamin' in Buckhead…took me a while to post. Took a lot out of me to post…but integrity means something to me, since I said I would do it…here it is.

Disclaimer to those who have not read the first one this is total fiction, however it was a real dream I had.

The next morning I woke up before he did. I slipped out of bed and brushed my teeth. While brushing I remembered he likes coffee. So I put on my workout clothes and made coffee. 'You must really like him or you're out of your mind…' my mind just woke up with its barage of thoughts. I do think coffee is the most vile liquid on the face of the earth that totally assaults my senses like no other, however…I want him to be comfortable…feel at home. Once done with that I jotted down a quick note:

Morning, I'm gone for my run, I'll be back. There's fresh coffee in the kitchen. I'll cook breakfast when I get back. If you're still here you're welcome to join me. If you aren't, I just wanted to tell you thank you…I had a wonderful time with you.

I left the note on the pillow next to him. I needed to clear my head. The vision of him, his smell, taste, feel, the sound of his voice, and definately last night sent emotional memories coursing through my mind. After I logged a few miles I returned home. His car was still there, so were the butterflies in my stomach. I walked in finding him sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, and reading. His eyes met mine…'Shit I'm screwed' flashed in my brain. "Any requests?" I asked putting all my focus on cooking, I needed the welcome distraction. "Judging from last night I'll enjoy anything you feed me…" his answer soaked with inuendo. My eyes snapped to his, he was toying with me. All I could manage was a smile.

After breakfast I showered, then went to find something to wear. I put on a matching bra and panty set along with a garter and thigh high stockings. Then I picked out a sexy black dress slipped it on with some fuck me stilettos. When I walked back into the bedroom the lights were off. The curtains drawn making the room dim with a tiny bit of sunlight shining through along with the light from his computer.

He was laying on the bed naked viewing some erotic photos. I had no clue he would be having a session, but I went with it. My eyes traipsed along his body taking in every inch, burning the alluring image into my head. He never looked at me but I knew he knew I was there. I walked over to a chair on the other side of the room, it had a great view of him fortunately. I sat down, crossed my legs, and silently watched.

His body was so relaxed, his breathing deep and even. Before I know it I'm breathing in unison with him. His relaxation was relaxing me further. My arousal rose another notch, I shifted in my seat uncrossing then recrossing my legs. Somehow he is driving me insane again. It took everything in me to just enjoy the show and not disturb his bliss.

After a while I couldn't resist putting my plan into action. I stood and walked over to the bed. I kneeled onto the bed reaching over and closing his laptop )he wasn't paying attention to it any longer anyway(. His eyes lazily opened connecting with mine. I ask a little timidly, "Can I add to your pleasure in any way?" I'm dying to touch him, my eyes still locked to his. "Take off the dress." he said so sexily I thought I'd combust right there. I stood and slowly untied the dress from around my waist and let it glide to the floor, his eyes roamed over my remaining lingerie.

"I have some ideas…are you receptive to them?" I inquired in a voice to heavy with arousal I barely recognized it. He nodded subtly. I crawled towards him then reached out and stroked his legs gently. I lingered there enjoying the feel of his smooth skin, watching my fingertips glide over him. I slowly moved to his stomach and chest caressing in circles. I notice he is semi-erect now, however, his scrotum looked more delectable for some reason. My hands had a mind of their own apparently, the next thing I knew I was stroking and massaging his balls. I wanted to worship them, I lowered my lips and sensually kissed his scrotum. I rubbed them with my face nuzzling them affectionately. His cock was fully erect now. I sucked his balls into my mouth, moaning as I savored the taste of them. With his balls filling my mouth I slipped my tongue out and licked his perineum. After focusing on his jewels a while my eyes were eyeing his engorged cock. Letting his balls slip from my mouth I licked up the shaft of his cock to his head. One hand returned to massaging his balls, while I worked his cock with my mouth and other hand. My eyes roamed up to his face, he was watching me. Wrapping my soft lips around his head I slowly sucked him into my mouth until his balls were pressed agains my chin. The head of his penis was at the entrance of my throat, then I swallowed allowing my throat to contract around his cock. He moaned and closed his eyes, seeing him in so much pleasure was sending tingly sensations from my lips down all over my body. I was in a deep trance where the only thing that mattered to me was his pleasure.

My cunt was clenching unmercifully, I wanted him inside me. I went back to deep throating and swallowing his cock while using my now free hands to remove my panties. I released him from my oral grip, and moved up straddling him. I positioned his stiff rod at my entrance. I lowered down sheathing him in all my drippy warm wetness. Once I'd taken him to the hilt, I settled in breathing deeply. Looking down at him I purred, "I love how you touch all the right places inside me." He opened his mouth to say something but I silenced him with a kiss while milking his cock inside me. He moaned into my mouth, his voice reverberating through my body like a soft caress. I broke off the kiss and began riding his rigid cock at a slow sensual pace. Placing my hands on his chest I let my head fall back while continuing to grind my hips at varying speeds and depths. Suddenly he pulls me down to him. He caresses my ass and back as he added to my pleasure by moving his hips in sync with mine. His movements and mine allowed my pussy to stroke the slick length of him while I squeezed him tight inside me. I felt an incredible orgasm building inside me as he expertly stroked my gspot. He seized my mouth kissing me deeply. Grabbing my hips to still me he began moving inside my tight cavern with pinpoint accuracy. I was groaning and moaning uncontrolably into his mouth, sucking his tongue into mine. I began to cum thunderously trembling around him. My vaginal muscles were rippling up and down his rock hard cock. I felt his penis start to throb and pulse with a firely release. Each pulse cased his head to pound my gspot causing me to orgasm again. I collapsed on top of him completely spent. Once I had renewed my muscle control I lifted off his softening erection. Cum was dripping down his shaft onto his balls. It looked so damn delicious, I leaned down and sucked his cock clean. Then I licked the remaining man juices from his balls, as I suspected it tasted fabulous.

I went to get cleaned up and dressed. While doing so I got this empty feeling. I knew he was gone, I also somehow knew I'd never see him again. That's when I realized he wasn't who or what I thought he was.


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