What has aneros-use ever done for me?

There are obvious things that aneros use, and other techniques, have done for me. For one, I am now a multi-orgasmic man, and could perhaps even claim to have had many super-Os.

Is this what aneros use has done for me? Well it is a small part of it for sure. There seem to be other knock-on implications from the acquisition of the techniques, the rewiring, and from broader philosophical thinking.

The techniques and rewiring have altered the way that I think about sex. Whereas it was formerly more ego-driven and about compelling my body to do what I wanted, and based on a NEED to ejaculate in order to get release, now it is distinctly more relaxed, about recognising the slightest of sensations and about focussing on them, without expectation of where it will lead. The need to ejaculate is no longer a major concern; after all, I get plenty of dry orgasms or stronger now, and I enjoy the STRONG sense of arousal that temporary ejaculatory abstinence brings. This approach doesn't just reside within aneros sessions – it bleeds across into all aspects of sexuality and my life in general. I find that I now have multiple dry orgasms within sex as well, and even such unpromising daily routines such as going to the toilet can initiate more modest orgasms!

Breathing and relaxing have infiltrated not only sex, but the rest of my life too. I picked up that this was meant to induce a kind of meditative state, but now I find that I do this by default in all sorts of situations. Even when I get the tiniest of sexual sensations, my first instinct is to breath, and to relax into it, and it is not uncommon for this to lead to aneros-less dry orgasms. Outside of sex or solo sessions, the lessons I have learnt have helped me relax in situations where I would formerly have been "on edge".

There was also something very "masculine" about my former approach to sex. I was distinctly active, and though I got pleasure from what others did for me, there was rarely a sense of fully letting go and of being able to fully savour things that they did. In many ways, I think I react more like a woman now. I love setting the scene for sex and solo sessions – lights low, room warm, perhaps some candles flickering, and soft music in the background. A hot bath beforehand is sheer delight. Within sex, I was always fairly noisy when I had a wet orgasm, but NOW, I am incredibly noisy – groaning, or explosively roaring, not just at the end, but ALL the way through. I am more passive than I used to be. This doesn't mean I "lay back and think of England", but it is more of a balanced approach now, where I worry less about making my partner happy, but in so doing, I make them much happier than I could have believed, or hoped for.

I do find that I value my sexual contacts all the more these days. In the past, I might have been inclined to be more pragmatic, and give people the benefit of the doubt, and enter into a sexual liaison in the HOPE that it might be fulfilling. I have to say that out of about 70 contacts over a 10-year period, only a handful would I now consider worth going back for more. Becoming multi-orgasmic has, if anything, made me even more selective. I am reluctant to make do with what seems likely to be second best. Included in that now, is their psychological approach to life and to sex. I have always been keen on sex with a connection, but these days I feel it is obligatory. This means that the sex I do have is ultimately more fulfilling. I would even say that I would be prepared to never have sex again, if there was no one "suitable".

If it stopped there, the implications of my aneros activities would still be great, but I FEEL a link now to a much greater spirituality. For me, this revolves around the connectedness of all living and non-living things within this universe. It is as if all that focussing on tiny sensations has also led to an increased focus on all those tiny connections.

What has aneros-use ever done for me? Well, quite simply, it has given the world a silver-lining.

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